James W Phillips the man with access to money can’t buy events with innovative PR & marketing

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James W. Phillips CEO of the JWP Media Group has faced a great deal of adversity along his road to becoming the successful businessman and entrepreneur he is today. He is constantly striving to better himself while teaching what he learns along the way. Through the early struggles, he found the best way to overcome those obstacles, which lead to him leveling up in ways that others can then be taught from.  As of today JWP has worked with decorated companies like WatchPro, Land Rover and Jaguar, as well as an extensive list of personal clients (and their accompanying success stories). 

He learned early on and from experience that being too nice or too trusting in business can have obvious major setbacks. There are lessons to be learnt along the road to success, aside from everything life throws at us. “After the sudden loss of my father, I developed a massive drive within me to be a success. I reinvented myself and looked for an industry that would give me the most back,” Phillips recalled. The industries and spaces that were calling him would all be found in the world of luxury. 

“I developed a fascination for the history and old school glamour of the French Riviera after spending time on the historic super yacht ‘Christina O’ and now consider the French and Italian Riviera just as much my home as I do the United Kingdom,” he explained. Phillips has maintained a growth mindset and his adaptability has been key for learning new ways to serve his clients. This path led him to figure out what he truly wanted out of life after already proving he was going to do whatever it took to stay passionate while helping others succeed.

Not only did James W Phillips begin a luxury news portal, but he soon also expanded that to create a print magazine all about luxury lifestyles. An exquisite launch party was even thrown on the beach in Monaco. This lead to developing his own marketing and public relations business, thus JWP Media Group was born. They offer services surrounding everything from marketing to PR, and related services, and their new sporting events and luxury experiences arm, Infinity8, plus a charitable foundation called the Phillips Foundation to bring the business world into the classroom worldwide, and their own digital magazine, ‘Relentless.’

James and the Infinity8 team can source some of the most exclusive event access for clients around the globe, some events and experiences so exclusive they can’t even be mentioned here, to glamorous gala events on the French Riviera, super yacht parties, super car tours and Formula 1 hospitality. 

“Having 25 years’ experience in marketing, lifestyle travel and magazines, I wanted to create a business with a virtuous circle model, and a year ago I created ‘Relentless’ magazine to promote it, which takes its name from my own relentless drive and ambition,” Phillips stated. This has already shown early signs of success, with a recent cover shoot on the beach in Bali. “Now in 2022, we have launched our own events and hospitality arm, Infinity8, to cater for worldwide motor racing and sporting events, luxury experiences and hospitality, partnering with one of the biggest entertainment brand names in the world, which must remain a secret, given their exclusive client base.”

JWP Media Group has managed to continue growing on an international scale despite the pandemic. People are emerging from lockdowns and finding a new way of life, in a lot of cases with steeper ambitions. There’s never been a time like today where people are going for their dreams—people are increasingly taking the path to go about obtaining and then continuing to live their dream lives.

This newfound ambition, paired with James’ ability to make a difference, are a few of the things embodied by The Phillips Foundation. James kicked this off in 2018, with the promise of helping young and new entrepreneurs by supporting and mentoring and ‘bringing the business world into the classroom,’ and getting the students involved with some of the causes and charities of JWP’s clients and brand partners. 

JWP Media Group has so much to offer thanks to James W Phillips and his drive to make it far in this life. He and his team are here to help you, offering just about any service you can dream up. They can place you in that exclusive party in Monaco, supply your mega yacht or hyper-car, and help make strides toward making you or your business famous (while generating you more revenue at the same time). People are turning to the JWP Media Group for personal PR in rapidly growing numbers, and the company’s track record with other brands speaks for itself. 

Are you ready to grow? Be successful? Do you have a hunger to succeed? Are you going to take control of your life? Ready to take advantage of your freedom? 

Ask yourself what you honestly and truly want out of this life. Then, head over to JWP’s website to get the help you need to begin taking steps toward that life today, or contact James directly on his Instagram @james_w_phillips.

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