It’s high time for us to stop using Untreated Gemstones.

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Are you planning on purchasing a new gem? But is perplexed and want to make the right choice? 

People have various questions about gemstones- how they are helpful, what gem to choose, their effects, etc. But one fundamental query that everyone has is why the untreated gemstones are more valuable than the treated ones? To understand the benefits of untreated gems over treated gems, first, we need to know their implications.

An untreated gemstone is not altered or enhanced in any possible manner and stays in the same form as extracted from the earth. They are only polished and cut into various shapes for jewellery and accessory. Meanwhile, the treated gemstones undergo numerous treatments to enhance their texture and colour to make them look more pleasing to the eyes. Most of the gems in the market are treated and do not give the desired astrological results but are cheaper than untreated. 

Purchasers often worry about getting duped and cannot make the right choice as the market is flooded with treated gems. Buyers are introduced to treated gemstones disguised as untreated with fake laboratory reports.  

However, there is no regulatory body to check for the fake laboratories collaborating with the traders resulting in cheating with end-users. A genuine Laboratory is one whose gemologist is a graduate from International Institutes & Laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America, the International Gemological Institute, etc. The gemologists should verify and sign all the certificates and reports themselves as the fake accounts only have the photocopy of signatures.

Presently, more than 70% of the gemstones traded in the market are enhanced and treated in one way or another. These treated stones have negligible astrological effects. Thus, arises the question, what are the advantages of wearing an untreated gemstone? 

 Advantages of using an Untreated Gemstone:

->The treated gemstones are comparatively cheaper and less durable than untreated ones. It is due to the highly accepted and practised heat treatment that leaves the stone’s surface more brittle. Thus, after a certain period, unlike untreated gemstones, the straightened edges of the stones start chipping off, resulting in the depreciation of their value. 

->Gemstones are artificially irradiated to enhance their optical properties. The irradiated gemstones might be harmful to some. They are directly exposed to radioactive materials such as beryllium which is indeed hazardous to our health.

->The treated gemstones do not have a fixed price. The technology is dynamic and new ways of gem treatment are introduced every day. This leads to the fall in the price of gems treated with old methods. The price fluctuates with the introduction of better-quality stones with new treatments. 

->Treated gemstones are darker in colour to replicate untreated and good quality natural gems. But they can never provide the same effect as the untreated stones and are not authentic. 

-> Mother nature has a finite supply of gemstones, and therefore untreated stones are limited and extra-ordinary. Their limited supply contributes to the higher prices. Meanwhile, untreated gemstones are unnatural and cheap and have flooded the market, giving an edge to the untreated gems. 

Gemstones have always had very high regard since their discovery. When the first gemstone was used, it had no substitute since no treatments were available then. Natural stones are very precious, and their value is outside the realm of imagination. However, people are more inclined towards treated gems because of their better appearance and lower prices. But one should never forget that treated stones and synthetic jewellery can never have the same allure, uniqueness, and Astro- effects as untreated or genuine gemstones. After all, it is always quality over quantity.

Therefore, it is your responsibility as an aware consumer to check for the certification provided by the gem dealer. One must also check the education of the gemologist providing the certificate. The report is genuine if the gemologist is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, IGI, or equivalent institutions. If not, get it certified again. Be aware and invest in the right and authentic gemstone.

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