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Interview with successful e-com – WILL MONAGHAN

1 Mins read

So, tell me about yourself. 

I’m 16, I run some online brands that are making me thousands daily. I’m still in school and I’m from Adelaide, Australia 

How did you start your business?

I started like most people, just wanting to make money and then eventually buying a course. But Unlike most people, I didn’t give up.

What do you like about our business, and what don’t you like? 

I love how lucrative my business can be. I love automation and that is currently one of my main focuses currently. I can make money from literally anywhere, and that to me is absolutely crazy. The only things I don’t like about my business model is the negative stigma around it. But this comes with any sort of success

Do you think you think e- com will die out near soon?

I don’t believe ecom will ever die. It is definitely getting harder and harder to do but it won’t ever die. Dropshipping however is on the edge of death. To survive, you need to build real brands. Brands that serve people and brands that provide experiences dropshipping stores can’t.

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