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Were you born in Portug?

I was born in Portugi, in Almoda rm27 years old

Tell us a bit about your childhood/ teenage

I started in the music world since I was 14 years old I got the taste for dance watching Huduro and Afro House videan on YouTube at the time, meanwhile started to get known for being the only white dry in the African music world.

What influence does your family have on your taste for music?

My family has always supported me, especially my mother who follows my work the most.

How and why did you start making music?

I started in the world of dance as I had mentioned before, then I thought of creating my own music and inventing the touches of each sound with choreography, it was then that I started to in a passion for singing and to discover that I also had talent with my voice

When did you realize that your music is your thing?

Over time I gained recognition and more and more people give me support and motivation to continue singing Then I saw that I couldn’t give up because there were young people following in my footsteps and wanting to do the same as me by being inspired by my songs

You are the author of several hits ke “SOMBRA, how have these hits influenced your career?

All the songs have been made with experiences that I have lived and also moments that I have passed through in my life. I always try to transmit in music my reality 1 ramy sing things don’t live or eccentric things. Because I want people to know a bit of my story through my sounds

You were a member of the group “SATEF ESTRAGAT

The Estrage Staff at this moment is composed by me. I am the only representative in the past we were a group with many elements, but as time was by we split up, each one went their own worry and started to have other g and objectives ended up alone and representing the legacy of Staff Estraga

Where do you want to go? How do you 200 your future as an artist in music from now on?

I want to leave my name marked in the music world. I want people to know me as an artist, it’s mainly that they identify with my songs it is not for fame or money, I love making music, I do it from the heart and everything (sing is genuine. That’s the pleasure I get from singing


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