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“Design is intelligence made visible” – Alina Wheeler

Smart Home Designs LLP is the latest talk of the design town, better known as Interiors by Ashwini Dongare – the design studio is founded and run by Ashwini Dongare – Bangar herself.

Ashwini Dongare laid the foundation of Smart Home Designs LLP in 2019, with a drive to do something extraordinary and help from her loving husband. Ashwini, the founder and CEO of the business was born and brought up in a middle-class family, from an old rural area in the state of Maharashtra, District Beed, Tal – Shirur Kasar, in a village called Khokarmoha. Ashwini completed her basic education in the same village and her high school in Marathi medium, while her interest in drawing and sketching was budding since her school days. After an unsuccessful attempt at becoming an architect, it was while she admitted herself to an engineering degree at Pune University that she realized she wanted to invest her time in her passion which always remained interior designing. After 3 years of learning and practical knowledge and a diploma in interior design at Pune University, Ashwini propelled herself into the world of design.

The need:

Interior design as a creative discipline has been prominent due to the never-ending demand for homes and their eventual need for remodelling. In a country like India, which is dominated by a growing population, the size of the cities in terms of their infrastructure is growing at a staggering rate as well. The growth of cities translates into the growth of homes, which further (you know where we are getting here) translates into the need for interior design.

Although India has seen rapid growth in the demand for interior designers and the craft in itself, it has been so due to a rising acknowledgement of the importance of good design by the mass. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with minimal furniture that was only added to the house when there was a need. Modern homes are designed with aesthetics, luxury, stature and keeping the personality of the occupant in mind. While the majority of the herd is headed towards catering for the luxury segment, Smart Home Designs LLP has focused on tapping into a market that has for long been untouched by most interior designers.

The Journey:

After graduation in 2015, Ashwini started her proprietary firm in interior design. After doing merely 2-3 projects in a year, Ashwini, with the help of her husband Dr Mukesh Bangar, registered Smart Home Designs LLP on 14th August 2019. “In the early days of the company, Mukesh supported me in the office setup, employee hiring and client visits. Without his keen support, I don’t think anything would have happened” reminisces Ashwini when talking about the beginning.

Smart Home Designs LLP is a leading interior designing company in Pune for developing residential properties and offering turnkey project management services. Today, Smart Home Designs is better known as Interiors by Ashwini Dongare.

USPs of the company:

Trust, Quality and Transparency

The company focuses on delivering projects to clients that possess the highest quality aesthetics and functionality. The ethics of the company revolves around transparency in all aspects of work with the client, time-bound execution and the development of unique designs.

The vision:

Ashwini Dongare – Bangar has embarked on a journey that originates with inspirational foundations. Her resilience in taking on new challenges and creating a company that is sewn with profound fundamental beliefs makes her stand out from the crowd. Her vision is to make Smart Home Designs LLP the best interior design company in India while encouraging and inspiring other women to take up the path of entrepreneurship.

With hundreds and thousands of interior designers and architects in the country, we see a rising star, a prodigy in the making, headed towards the goal of empowering other women with her hard work. The entrepreneurship scene in the country has been dominated by the male half, and seeing young women entrepreneurs leaving their mark and creating an impact is delightful.


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