India’s First Career consultation And Learning Platform – SeekEX

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May 4, 2022-  SeekEX brings education, technology, and consultancy closer together. The creative method taken by AI in assisting education seekers in passing all competitor tests is commended. An Android application effectively prepares the next generation of students for study abroad by providing guidance.

An eager and seeker person, who is unsure about something expert advice for a desirable course such as NEET, CAT, NIFT, UPSC, IELTS, JEE, etc gets the perfect marketplace to explore as much as courses. However, this app-based solution is offering seekers and experts to enhance their skills. Seekers can easily connect with SeekEX experts to get a career consultation. With the different types of ways, experts can share the solutions in an efficient manner.

A platform that fulfills the curriculum gaps with an attentive solution can give a personalized learning journey to every seeker. One can register herself or himself as an expert, offering extensive knowledge to seekers. There are 2 options to avail experts, verified and featured. All experts are verified, whereas the featured expert has passed some quality checks to get top listed on SeekEX.

A Boon To Students Have Big Dreams To Learn Courses, regardless of being admitted to well-known Institutes or common Institutes

Having features like free chat, and paid audio and video calls from the expert can help knowledge seeker students with any kind of competitive exam guidance. There is a huge number of students, who don’t have perfect merit to go for the desired courses, who can’t afford to avail any courses. Here is the all-in-one solution, that easily connects with available experts through chat, HD VIDEO- AUDIO call, or telephonic call.  Students can avail of the free chat option, and minimal paid call option from verified experts to get expert advice for future success.

Features Of SeekEX Platform:

–        An Easy Way To Get The Expert At Your Fingertips

–        A 360 Degree Education System

–        A Verified And Featured Expert Advice

–        All Competitive Exams Courses Are Covered

–        Secure Platform To Work With

–        Free Chat Option And Free Call From Non-Verified Experts

–        Easy Refund If Not Satisfied

This platform is an example of a marketplace, that avails all top-ranked experts for the competitive exam study. Moreover, it provides further mentor guidance sessions/options to get in by doing the payment. Though seeker can do chat and audio calls to verified experts, one can avail of the advance option by doing the payment.  Considering that, basic expert advice is free; however, advance sessions need payment to be done. SeekEx takes care of user payment security with good encryption methods.  Furthermore, it has a unique service- referral program. Who wants to connect with the verified expert needs to pay and if one refers his/her family or friends to become seekers or experts in this market place get the rewards and credits.

In a nutshell, if one doesn’t have money to get the expert advice free, connect as a seeker. If one wants to share his/her knowledge free of cost, connect as a verified expert. If one wants to share his/her expertise with the minimum charge, connect as a verified+ featured expert to SeekEx. It is the platform that creates a win-win situation for students as well as expert teachers.

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