IIBM Institute of Business Management had been honoured with the ‘EAHEA Accreditation’.

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IIBM Institute of Business Management has been honoured with the ‘EAHEA Accreditation’. IIBM Institute satisfies all the Standards set by EAHEA. This is because the Mission and Scope of IIBM align with that of EAHEA accreditation.

EAHEA is an independent and Quality assurance agency. The agency gives ratings to different organizations. EAHEA has a very long and prestigious history. The agency grants Credits to Educational institutes, distance learning institutes, and online courses. These credit ratings prove that these institutions are working according to international standards. It makes sure that courses taught in these institutions are relevant to the time. 

The skills that one acquires make them a productive part of the workforce. Only institutes that do not discriminate against learners on any basis are eligible for these credits. The institution must follow fair and ethical practices about administration and finances. EAHEA gives credits generally based on the detailed report submitted by the institutions. The credits also represent the confidence business communities have in themselves. 

The agency also represents the league of world leaders in online education. The credit by agency helps to build trust between the Institutions and the learners. It builds the perspective and opinion of learners. These credits assure learners about the quality of education like their own country. 

How does the EAHEA Accreditation” relate to IIBM Institute?

IIBM Institute offers 60+ Master Program certification courses at every level. IIBM provides quality education. They have managed to maintain a high quality of education since 2008. They have 450+ employees to take care of learners’ needs. IIBM Institute aims at the growth of students worldwide. They aim at providing the best quality employees that lead to the development of their industry. 

IIBM has a dedicated team that prepares them for the job market. They prepare students for interviews through mock interviews. They have a placement team that looks after the placement of every student. The institution provides to students through live sessions, CV, and resume preparation. Institution spends all the financial resources for the betterment of every student. 

IIBM is abided to follow EAHEA by laws, Principles of ethics and set the quality of standards. This credit makes IIBM a trustworthy institute across the globe. All the programs that IIBM Institute provides are interactive. In case of a query, learners can mail the faculty. The faculty will respond to the mail within 48 hours. The institute conducts various live sessions for interactive learning. Students also get the opportunity to clear their doubts in doubt clearing sessions. 

One of the core principles of IIBM Institute is to promote a systematic approach. This method helps learners get a better grip and understanding of the topic. IIBM provides internship programs in various fields of all its courses. The institute believes and works on the principle of Industry first. IIBM offers internships in various fields related to the courses it offers. The internship includes fields like Master Program courses, Data Science, ML & AI, and many more. The placement team works to fulfill the ratio of course completion and placements.

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