I want to work with well known personalities: Shubham Ahuja

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Shubham Ahuja is a fitness trainer who runs his own gym Ahuja Fitness Club in which more than 300 athletes are being trained. Recently, one of his trainees Sameer Qureshi has won Bronze medal in Open Mr. North India Bodybuilding Championship and many athletes are being trained for Mr. Rajasthan under the supervision of Shubham Ahuja.

For many years, Shubham has been working on fitness of well-known personality Jerai overall title winner ‘Saurabh Singh’ who has also won the title of Iron Man of Rajasthan, Federation Cup. He was also the part of 2021 Amateur Olympia. Shubham Ahuja has also done body transformation of 40+ people.

In future, Shubham Ahuja wants to work with well-known personalities. He also wants to help people in achieving their dream physique.

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