Hugo B Sanchez New Application Changing How Professionals Conduct Business

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Last year, the world was at a standstill because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have scrambled to make things work despite being confined to the safety of their homes and with limited mobility. 

During this time, people turned to the internet to fulfill their demands and keep the world turning. Meanwhile, several individuals also took this opportunity to create new platforms where they can both earn and help others cope with the new normal. 

One of these individuals is Hugo Sanchez who launched MOTI to support professionals working remotely in August of last year.  

The MOTI app aims to improve consultants’ video conferencing experience. It is also geared to make payments and billing, with a more robust system that lets you track and charge each client differently.  In a chronology  order,  recording seamlessly  to your device  

With the MOTI app, Hugo and his friends enable professionals to stay connected remotely, record in top quality while generating income and stay productive throughout the quarantine. 

The Positive Impact of MOTI 

MOTI has been able to reach a wide audience such as life coaches and influencers as well as professionals such as doctors and lawyers. They have been able to find a way to monetize their knowledge and earn extra in the comfort of their home. 

It also has been able to provide a marketplace to over 7,600 experts in their respective industries. The app presently has captured the attention of over 150 verified influencers. 

The MOTI App is a telecommunications service that is available for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad that gives users the ability to record video calls with high-quality audio and video recording capabilities as well as a built-in payment system. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MOTI has grown immensely and reached hundreds of thousands as the telecommunication industry continues to expand. 

Hugo and the Partners Behind MOTI 

Hugo Sanchez, the mind behind MOTI, is known for mentoring top entrepreneurs in the business. 

But now, Hugo and his team are shaking up the telecommunications industry and make the consumers’ experience even better. 

To create MOTI, Hugo collaborated with his founders Jeff Falcon, Kevin Cavallero, and partnered up with  David Meltzer,  Casey Adams, Mike Mumola, and David Moreno. 

David Meltzer is a partner mentor and strategic partner who helped in the direction of MOTI. 

Because of their friendship and combined talents, they’ve created an online platform that connects consultants and clients. 

With the help of his partners, Hugo was able to build a community of influencers and leaders in the MOTI marketplace by utilizing the power of social media.

Hugo created MOTI intending to provide professionals with a way to earn money remotely. And with his efforts, as well as the help of his partners, the MOTI app has since changed the lives of its many users.


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