How to Overcome Fears & Build Your Best Life, Lucas Metzler Explains

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Fear is one of the main things that holds us back from achieving our dreams. The possibility of failure makes it much harder to get started and try something new, especially if you have bills to pay. However, Lucas Metzler has learned that it’s worth taking the leap, no matter how scared you are.

Lucas Metzler is a 21-year-old crypto entrepreneur. He started out going to university but didn’t feel happy there. “There was a lot of pressure to excel and put my dreams on the back burner,” said Lucas Metzler. “I didn’t enjoy it and knew that I had to get out and try something new.” A friend from a festival sent him a message and asked him if he wanted to join a business. Immediately, he knew that this was a better opportunity than he could get in school. Fear could have set him back, but he tried not to worry about it when he took the leap. “Doing something that society frowns upon is always scary,” said Lucas Metzler. “Whether it’s dropping out of school or quitting a 9-5 job to strike out on your own, it’s normal to be fearful that the change won’t work out.”

To overcome your fears, Lucas Metzler recommends understanding your motivation for pursuing your dreams. What would change about your life if you tried something new? “Try to pay attention to the upsides of things working out rather than the downsides of failure,” he said. “You’re doing this for a reason, and you should give yourself credit for that.” In the end, remember that if things don’t go how you’d like, you can always make another shift in your career or life. Don’t ignore opportunities simply because you don’t know how they’ll work out in the end.

If you can overcome your fears of change and failure, you’re much more likely to achieve your dreams. Lucas Metzler believes it’s as simple as that.

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