How to Differentiate Your Brand and Stand Out From Others in Your Niche: Tips from Tiki Madman

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It is often said that your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. In modern-day business, it is not all about making sales but standing out amongst your competitors. Many businesses do get the branding concept, but rarely do they put it into practice. Most businesses have over time fallen into the trap of trying out every business that comes their way, thus putting less emphasis on branding a specific business as they think they will miss out on the revenue available. It should, however, be noted that for a business to be successful, you have to make your brand by standing out; otherwise, you will end up looking like everyone else.  Today, we catch up with Tiki Madman about how to differentiate our brand and stand out from others in our niche.  

Tiki Madman is a top seeds producer company founded in 2011. It is engaged in the production of exotic cannabis seeds, clothing lines, tissue culture, and genetics research. “We see ourselves turning global in 2022, with our seeds and plant samples moving into the worldwide legal markets,” says Tiki Madman. The company insists that it has been able to stand out and gain more customers through vigorous branding and by using cutting-edge technology to create new genetic strains. It, however, insists that branding is key, and one has to try out this in their journey to conquer the business world. 

Tiki Madman adds, “Brands need you to deliver extraordinary customer service. Most businesses claim that their customer service is what makes them stand out.” However, simply saying this isn’t enough. “You need to deliver that extraordinary customer service that customers cannot get anywhere else. Always think of the most extremely extraordinary service that goes beyond what your competitors are doing.” 

“Always have your business focusing on a small and manageable niche; this comes handier in service-based businesses,” says Tiki Madman. It insists that associating your company with multiple businesses is not cost-effective. Rather, it makes it much harder for the customer to know if you are the best fit. A brand should narrow down to define whom you serve. 

“As a brand, you should create a powerful offer and make a guarantee for sales or services made,” states Tiki Madman. Guarantees are always a great way to reduce the perceived risks of buying any products or service. It often seems more trustworthy and likable to your clients if you give them guarantees. 

You have to make your customers feel that your business is honest, legit, and transparent in what will be the stepping stone toward creating your brand, concludes Tiki Madman. Remember that brands sometimes take more than twenty years to build but can be lost in less than five minutes. 

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