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At Balaji Superspeciality Hospital, we believe in treating all patients with empathy, so we impart knowledge first such that everyone gets the best outcome. BRAIN floats in the cranium (a special case made out of flattened bones filled with clear fluid). Brain-like, the master of the body controls everything in the body, like lord Vishnu sitting at the top. But sometimes, this pious organ is endangered, and then whole-body systems are affected.

We all know what to do in case of chest pain, but ask anyone what to do in case of neuro-emergency. They will be blank. The brain faces emergency conditions like any other organ, but the stakes are high here. To me, the common man should be able to identify these conditions and take necessary action to prevent the damage. We will be learning about a few common symptoms of brain diseases and actions which will make you a hero.

In Any Road traffic accident with a head Injury, a hero can save lives by just:

1. Press any bleeding areas and do a pressure bandage with any available material.

2. Avoid any movement of the neck during the shifting of the patient.

3. Always identify places with a CT scan which is easy to do on Google.

STROKE Remember to BE FAST in case of STROKE ( Lakwa) to identify these in time

B-Balance is lost

E- Blurred vision

F- Facial drooping

A-Arm or leg weakness

S- Speech change or inability to speak

 If any of these symptoms, don’t waste TIME as the best results are obtained within 4&1/2 Hours of onset. Reach a facility where medicines can cure in 1st few hrs.


At any age can be a sign of increased pressure inside the brain, so these people should undergo evaluation by a Neurologist, and a scan is warranted. This small knowledge can help detect several brain diseases like brain tumours, infection, and other lesions leading to high pressure. If these can be detected early, it will give these patients a new lease on life.

 Seizures & Epilepsy

Presents in different forms, like Jerky movement of one part or whole body, with or without frothing of mouth, or simply staring and loss of contact with the surroundings. All but some are easy to miss, so awareness of different forms of seizure disorder by heroes like you can lead to early diagnosis and treatment with fruitful outcomes.


Spinal Disorders constitute a significant problem in society. Society at large believes that spinal surgery can lead to paralysis of the lower limbs. There are many diseases of the spine-like slipped disc, tumour, infection, trauma and congenital diseases leading to difficulty in walking and bladder and bowel dysfunction. We will like to say that most spinal disorders are treatable with very good outcomes in the hands of Neurosurgeons.   

Be a hero by connecting with our team at Balaji Superspeciality hospital’s Neuro & spine Institute located at F-33 Sec 5 Rajender Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghz UP. We are committed to providing solutions to every health-related problem. You can contact us at ph 91-525-00-125, 0120-4900-480, 7599002000, 8384075659

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