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How saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities can change life drastically explains Pohyal Stori.

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As an ace entrepreneur and cultural activist, he explains that saying yes to things can prove to be a person’s best life decision.

People all over the world have certain goals and aims in life, for which a certain set only keep dreaming about, while others come forward, make every possible effort and cross limits to turn those dreams into a reality. To become a success story and that too in the vast entrepreneurial world at a very young age is a feat only a few people have been able to achieve and those who have done that have become inspirational stories for the world to know. People tend to get scared easily for taking up more responsibilities and fear taking their first step towards growth or making a difference in the world. However, Pohyal Stori, a young German-Afghan entrepreneur, is of the opinion that people need to keep aside their fears and jump into the field they wish to create their unique niche.

Imagine a year where you keep on saying ‘yes’, agreeing to not just the trivial things but also the things that scare you. Pohyal Stori, one of the youngest entrepreneurs and cultural activists, did exactly that, which turned out to be a life-changing decision for him, as he confesses. The young talent born in Cologne, Germany, taking inspiration from his grandfather, a respected Pashtun nationalist, writer-poet, and Chairman of a political party, aimed to protect the true essence of the Pashtun language and culture. This took Pohyal Stori to enter the IT world and introduce the Pashto language in Google’s translation system.

Below, the German-Afghan entrepreneur explains how saying ‘yes’ to things can change their lives drastically.

• New challenges and opportunities: Pohyal Stori believes that saying yes to working for the development of Pashtuns did present him with many challenges, but with that came many opportunities as well, which helped him succeed. He suggests people to say yes to opportunities, as that will help them move out of their comfort zones and make them more skilled.

• Affirmation to others: Looking at the success that Pohyal Stori created for himself by saying ‘yes’ to things, as a successful IT entrepreneur and cultural activist has also acted as affirmations to others and ideas. This goes ahead in empowering others.

• More collaborations: A ‘yes’ can invite more conversations and interactions, which leads to more collaborations, says the 23-year-old entrepreneur. He explains that saying yes also opens up many positive possibilities and invites others to build together, create more collaborations and partnerships.

All these things take time to develop, but when individuals start adopting this approach, everything can become within their reach to achieve, believes Pohyal Stori.

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