How Ross Franklin is Making Healthy Choices Accessible for Everyone

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Cold-pressed juice is one of the trendiest beverages on the market right now, and Ross Franklin is a genuine pioneer in the industry as Founder & CEO of Pure Green, a leading cold-pressed juice brand and juice-bar franchise that’s taking the world by storm. 

Ross Franklin started his career as the owner of a consulting company. He launched dozens of top companies in the health and wellness industry, including yoga studios, health clubs, and pilates studios.

“I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness,” Franklin says. However, his approach to the field changed when he realized that 80% of wellness came from nutrition. In comparison, only 20% came from exercise. “It was a breakthrough. I knew that I needed to help people get healthy in the best possible way, and for me, that was with Pure Green.”

Pure Green offers acai bowls, smoothies, pitaya bowls, cold-pressed juices, and wellness shots. One bottle of their cold-pressed juice contains up to five pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. “I recognize that eating healthy can be difficult. I want Pure Green to be accessible to everyone because it’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get the nutrients you need.”

Pure Green is set to have over 300 franchise locations in the coming years. This will allow entrepreneurs to get in on the ground level and become financially independent through working with their brand. “We’ll help out people in the communities we build juice bars in. Through helping people create their own store and getting people more nutrients, we’re set to make a huge, amazing impact,” added Ross.

Chances are there’s a Pure Green juice bar coming to your town soon, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the goodness of their juices and other offerings for yourself. Ross is confident that through his business, he will make healthy living an affordable choice for people across the US and, eventually, the world.

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