How Panache Papers are promoting healthier lifestyle by replacing toxic Paints with Eco-Friendly Wallpapers , one home at a time.

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At the dawn of 2021, three young entrepreneurs came forth with an idea that revolutionised the orthodox ways of designing your walls. This trinity created Panache as a tool that would someday replace the paint industry with a better and easier alternative: wallpapers.

While talking to Dailyhunt, Chanakya Ratnam, Co-founder of Panache told us how before Panache there was simply no alternative to paints. “With Panache we managed to create a one step solution for redesigning your home without having to paint it all. At Panache, you can sort and select from thousands of designs, filter them according to your specific room or design and have it delivered to your doorstep and even installed without getting off your chair. Such alternatives were simply non-existent before us and the variety of design and patterns are simply unachievable using paints on your wall.”

“Traditionally,” he adds, ”people had been relying on lower quality and unreliable sources for wallpapers. With Panache, we managed to provide a premium and trustworthy brand to the whole wallpaper business that had been sitting in anonymity for so long. And we’re proud to say that we were the first ones to do so on this scale.”

“To put it bluntly,” says Priyank Jain, Co-founder of Panache.”Panache wallpapers simply overshadows the whole affair of paints in a myriad of ways. Not only are our papers cheaper and easier to install than paint, the average lifespan of a wallpaper is about 8 to 10 years.  The range of design and the quality we offer with Panache still remains unmatched by any paint in the market at the moment. It was absolutely clear to us when we started that we intended to replace old fashioned paints with a truly reliable and high quality brand of wallpapers. It was daunting at first because nobody had done it before us but we were determined to make it happen.”

Adding to that Shubham Kumar, the third Co-founder of Panache says: “The problem is not just the design or the exhausting effort it takes to paint. Painting is not as safe as you’d like it to be. Not just that the chemicals used in paint are toxic and mostly harmful to nature, the volatile organic compounds used in paints give off fumes that might lead to allergies and respiratory problems. In difficult times like these, it’s not something we should ignore. And all of that can be easily avoided with what we provide at Panache. We use 100% sustainable and recyclable paper for all our wallpapers. Beyond that, we use Phthalate free additives to ensure we’re not harming the environment or our customers. Even the adhesives that last 7 plus years are completely organic and emit zero fumes.”

The founders say that they did not want to stop at just providing a one step solution to design needs or being the first truly branded wallpaper in the business. They wanted to introduce state of the art technology into the whole experience and provide their customers with a medium where they can visualise their walls using Virtual Reality. You can now see any wallpaper amongst their huge digital catalogue on your walls using Artificial Intelligence and that, the founders believe, is the proof of their conviction towards revolutionising the industry one wall at a time.


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