How Marquis Robinson Found Freedom in Teaching

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Investor, real estate investment manager, business coach, and former middle school teacher – all of these are titles that Marquis Robinson has carried. Currently, he owns a real estate company called Skyview Acquisitions and also helps to teach others through his Real Estate courses. As a young college graduate, Robinson went into teaching middle school while also bagging groceries on the side. This was never the lifelong plan for him, though. Now, at 31 and having secured over three million in sales in under a year, he is hoping to use his experiences as a teaching tool for many other entrepreneurs and potential real estate investors.

The story of Robinson’s career starts in rural South Georgia in a single parent home. While he was still a preteen, Robinson was already closing sales at his local school in the form of DragonBall Z cards, candy, and other toys that he could get his hands on. His career in sales didn’t stop here, however, and after several years teaching middle school, still in his 20’s, Robinson did what many Americans have had to do in the last 2 years and changed careers into something that he saw himself being truly fulfilled doing, investing in real estate. While discussing his hopes of becoming a real estate agent to a family member who was a real estate agent herself, Robinson says he realized that for all of the hype he had heard about becoming a real estate agent, there was much more to benefit from as a real estate investor. After making 100’s of cold calls a day for months and closing sales to the point of exhaustion, he realized that he needed to learn some more about the market, if he hoped to be his best self as an investor. Through a high-profile business mentor, Marquis was able to learn how to structure his investments and his business in a way that worked for him. After this realignment, it was back to the grind for him, building his own business and now wanting to share the methods he had learned to his clients and those in his network.

If you ask Robinson why he left teaching, he’ll tell you that the teaching world felt too restrictive. He didn’t feel he had the room or the platform to educate his students in the financial or business subjects that he wanted the freedom to teach. While now in a drastically different field, he’s turned his years as a teacher into a fully online mentorship program where he educates other investors on how to break through some of their toughest first few deals and how to make a profit on properties that many other investors have given up on. As an educator at heart, Robinson has shaped his career around being a mentor and a coach for many other investors. His program has seen students turn properties from off market products that many would overlook to deals that have netted profits in the tens of thousands. He’s a mentor through and through who took his chance at an opportunity and is now using his career to give back to the many up and coming hustlers in and around the Atlanta and middle Georgia areas.

To learn more about Marquis Robinson and his different companies, you can follow him on Instagram at Wealth_Forever.

You can also go directly to his company website at


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