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How Kieran O’Brien Aims to Revolutionize the Automotive Marketing Industry with ShopAccelarator

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As technology advances, some industries are lagging. Automotive companies are rarely running ads on social media or making their appointments online. Kieran O’Brien has created ShopAccelerator to help bring automotive shops into the 21st century, and he’s already helped many clients along this journey.

Kieran O’Brien is the creator of ShopAccelerator. It’s a full-service marketing solution for automotive businesses that allows them to hire people to manage their business’s technological aspects. ShopAccelerator combines proprietary lead generation and appointment booking software with a team of marketing agency staff. “Owners of auto shops don’t have to worry about making appointment software or doing their marketing anymore,” Kieran O’Brien said. “We can do the work that they’re worried about for them for a low monthly cost.” They already have many shops on the platform that have seen a significant bump in leads generated and appointments made. They also help shops text customers and get their email in check. “It’s going to be a huge game-changer. Shops all over the United States will start using ShopAccelerator, which will set their businesses apart from the rest. It will take the image of a shady automotive shop and throw it out the window. When asked why auto stores should choose his services, O’Brien said, “There are tons of marketing agencies out there who you could hire, but none of them specialize in the automotive industry. Not everyone knows how it ticks. I’ve done my research and used it to create ShopAccelerator, and I really do think it’s the best option out there for auto shops.” If you’re on the fence about ShopAccelerator, they give free growth consultation calls to automotive shop owners. “I want to prove to them that we have something amazing to offer. I’m more than happy to take the time out of my day to prove that.”

O’Brien chose the automotive industry for one big reason: he loves cars. “Since I love cars, I’m working on something I’m passionate about every day. I can wake up and feel energized. That’s what most entrepreneurs dream of.” While he loves driving fancy cars, the fascination definitely doesn’t end there. “I always wanted to learn more about the industry, rather than just loving the cars I drive. So I did a ton of research to become an authority in the niche.” Learning about one specific niche can make it much easier to break into the marketing industry. It’s best to choose one thing and become an absolute expert in it than waste time learning about tons of different things. “I wanted to be the go-to guy for automotive marketing. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work, like studying and developing programs to make that happen. Now I think that you couldn’t do better than working with ShopAccelerator.” 

If you’re an auto shop looking to take your business to the next level, check out ShopAccelerator. They can help you generate new leads and effectively manage your social media, freeing you up to do the things you love to do.

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