How Jon Paramore Is Helping Shape The Leaders Of Tomorrow

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Jon Paramore is the founder and CEO of The Smash Co. and author of bestselling book, Fail Your Ass Off (A Losers Guide To Winning). When it comes to teaching you how to become the best version of yourself and lead others around you, there’s no better coach than Paramore.

Jon Paramore coaches professionals on how to lead the people around them, calm down their business and life from unnecessary stress, and get clear about their goals and dreams. He’s also passionate about constantly growing as a person and he teaches this to his students. This allows them to keep moving and get closer to their goals every day. Paramore’s techniques have helped countless business leaders to walk away from old-fashion sales techniques like door knocking and cold calling.

Jon Paramore started out as the Director of Marketing for a developer in St. Louis. At age 22, he took a risk and quit his job to start his own company. He knew from the beginning that he was born to be an entrepreneur and over the next few years, he built several other businesses and managed to turn a healthy profit. But when the 2008 financial crisis hit, he was forced to self-reflect and look at where to improve. This is when he realized that the purpose of his business is to help others become better versions of themselves. The profit he made was only a by-product. He started helping other business leaders master their sales methods and even since, he’s been bettering the people around him every single day.

Jon Paramore says, “I am the person that people hire when their life or business is in chaos and they need someone to help calm it. “

Given Jon Paramore’s expertise and experience with training business leaders to become better individuals, his advice is worth following.

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