How Fantasy Prediction For Free Formed India’s Biggest Fantasy Cricket Community

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The fantasy cricket world is growing fast in our country- what started over 50 years ago across the Atlantic is gaining momentum in India now, with apps like Dream11 and MyFab11. Fantasy leagues bring cricket lovers closer to the game by offering a personal stake in the game and control of the team. Every user makes his/her team and roots for it to win. The teams made are imaginary and composed of real players – whenever the real player scores in the actual match, a point is added to the fantasy team. Two fantasy teams enter into a match and one with the highest points wins!

To win in fantasy cricket you need to make quick and informed decisions or wait for yourself to get lucky – but one can’t rely on luck every time – especially if there is money on the line! Many fantasy cricket platforms have huge prizes at stake which only drives people to be better at the game.

And hence, to secure their win and become their best, gamers dedicate themselves to learn tips and tricks and become better at fantasy cricket. To get to know fantasy sports better, and getting closer to the prize many tune in to the Fantasy Prediction for Free YouTube channel, it is dedicated to Dream 11 Team Analysis, predictions and strategies. It is run by entrepreneur and cricket lover – Pratap Singh Rathod.

Pratap Singh Rathod is a seasoned fantasy cricket analyst and through his year and year of experience with national and international cricket he has rightfully claimed the badge of an expert. His is one of the most trusted YouTube channels for fantasy sports advice. Rathod is an unbeatable cricket expert and does player analysis, probability analysis and predictions and winning strategies discussions on his YouTube channel. His work is loved by many people and he has racked up more than 3.3 Lakh subscribers and amassed more than 83 lakh views. Among the fantasy analysts and experts, Fantasy Prediction For Free’s stats updates, previews and analysis are the most trusted and reliable ones.

Rathod says, “I love how fantasy cricket is being cricket lovers closer to the game – we get a totally new look and perspective for the game and it makes us feel truly involved. And my content has become a companion for many in their journey into the fantasy cricket world and I am so humbled that people have loved my work so much. I started my channel so I could have a space to discuss my views about cricket but it is now a community where we all prosper and play cricket together.”.

Fantasy Prediction For Free has the highest reliability rating of any Fantasy Analysis channel. Rathod’s informed views and ingenious tips have struck a chord within this huge niche and taken him to the top of the ladder.

In conversation with one of his subscribers we were told, “I’ve been watching Fantasy Prediction For Free since I started playing fantasy cricket, my friend was already a subscriber and he recommended me to watch this channel as it gave the best insights. I watch almost every uploaded Video and due to their help I’m always at the top of my game. He gives detailed analysis and he explains everything so nicely that even an amateur like me can understand it.”.

He maintains an active interaction with his subscribers and regularly participates in conversations that happen in his online community making his channel a dynamic space.

Aside from fantasy cricket, Rathod also focuses on Kabbadi and helps his fans in catching up with all the latest happenings in the national and international scene of Kabbadi. Apart from YouTube, he runs a telegram channel as well, where he does daily analysis with real-time news, updates, and exclusive insights. He is also active on other social media platforms – you can find his content on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and also on his official website.

We asked Rathod if he ever gets tired – because he makes high quality content regularly – so much work goes into making long form content and analysing a sport as dynamic as cricket, then putting out the findings in a simple understandable manner can surely be a heavy lifting task. On top of that he creates content for his other social media platforms and stays connected with his fans.

He told us, “Haven’t we all heard the saying, “If you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life”? I love cricket and with Fantasy Prediction For Free I get a chance to showcase my knowledge and connect with likeminded people. I don’t get tired because I enjoy what I do, I’ve answered my calling! Sitting down to preview upcoming matches, keeping up with updates and everything energises my brain because it is perceiving an object it likes, and at the end of the day my work is beneficial to somebody. It is so nice to see that my passion is bringing light to someone’s life.”.


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