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How Do Successful People Manage Their Time? Young Businessman Yusuf Yolasan Explains

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Time management is a critical step toward success. Whether it be tasks, demands, or errands, we are all operating on overload and doing the best we can, but how can we maximize the time we have, to do more? That is the question on many people’s minds, and as we explore the elements of time management, we often look towards the most successful individuals in their approach. Real estate professional and entrepreneur Yusuf Yolasan explains how proper time management can help us accomplish our goals.

As a professional with an international perspective, Yolasan is one of the top real estate agents serving exclusive Florida neighborhoods such as Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and Coconut Grove just to name a few. “There are many demands on my time,” states Yolasan. “For me, it’s all about taking a pragmatic approach and meeting my obligations one clear step at a time.”

1. Wake up early

“With only so many hours in the day, waking up early ensures that you are getting a few additional hours before most people have even gotten out of bed,” explains Yolasan. “Use that time to get organized, do your affirmations, work out, set your intentions, and start your day off on the right foot.”

2. Prioritize your tasks

“Prioritize your tasks by listing them in order of importance,” says Yolasan. “Put the most important ones at the top of your list this way they get done. Anything that is not urgent can go at the bottom, but don’t let your list get away from you. Be realistic about what you can accomplish and complete as many tasks as possible. Don’t let them consistently spill over into the next day.”

Yolasan also likes to use a metaphor of filling a jar to help people think about prioritizing their tasks. If you need to fill a jar with pebbles, sand, and big rocks, what do you put in the jar first? The big rocks symbolize the most important things, the pebbles those of medium importance and the sand those with the least importance. In order to fit everything in the jar you need to start with the big rocks, then can fill in the remaining spaces with the pebbles and finally the sand. If you save the big rocks or most important things for last, you’ll never get them in the jar! Identify your big rocks!

3. Stick to one thing at a time

“No matter how hard we try, human beings are terrible at multitasking,” explains Yolasan. “If you want to complete something efficiently and to the best of your ability, give it your complete focus. Not only will you get it done quickly, but chances are you’ll get it done right the first time. Then move onto the next thing.”

Juggling several tasks as a successful professional, Yusuf Yolasan often fills the role of counselor, life coach, and mentor as he helps others find a place in the community. Managing his time is something that he not only takes seriously but swears by, in his entrepreneurial journey. 

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