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How Brxuch, aka Brauch Owens, is Fueled by Social Media

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With increased competition in the online marketing industry due to the pandemic things have been tough for a lot of the marketers. Some have been spreading their horizons, and some like Brxuch, aka Brauch Owens, have doubled down and excelled during this time.   

Atlanta Based

Brxuch, formally known as Brauch Owens is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an excellent entrepreneur with diverse business experience across different continents like the Middle East, North America and Europe. Brxuch has invested in multiple companies and has helped scale them massively. Having worked with over 100 partner agencies and exceeding 1000+ clients, Brauch Owens is an exceptional entrepreneur and business strategist. A list of some of the companies he has helped scale are as follows; Studio Club, OSX Marketing, Pensacola Media, and recently his reputation management firm. 

Early Beginnings

Social media influencer Brxuch (Brauch Owens) was introduced to business at a very young age, starting by selling pencils in middle school. When asked what makes his products and services from the rest of the competition out there, Brauch answered “we are always ahead of the curb, we study the industry and notice trends as soon as arise”. Now having more than 3 years’ experience in the business field he is making waves and leading.

Latest Venture

Brxuch was at his happiest moment after he launched his first company OSX Marketing and saw how fast it became a prospering business. Brauch’s main values in his life are family, health and wealth. And when he is not too busy coming up with business strategies, he loves to watch movies and traveling. His latest venture is a boutique PR firm that is focused on exposure and reputation management. Having worked in the industry for years now and focusing on branding this was a smooth transition. As previously mentioned earlier the difficultly the new competition covid has caused some find themselves clawing at each other for a leg up over other. Having the right online presence and validation can make your business that much better looking than others and this is something Brxuch has mastered. 

Brauch Owens has an Instagram page, which you can follow for more updates from this young entrepreneur. We all definitely have a thing or two to learn from Brxuch and to follow his journey just visit his Instagram at @brxuch or his website brxuch.

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Brauch Owens is an Entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, Georgia.
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