How Binoy Koshy built Research City: A different world in the market research industry!

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Meet Binoy, who has achieved tremendous success in life. There’s so much to learn from his life journey for everyone. Binoy Koshy hails from India’s financial capital Mumbai. He did his schooling and graduated from Mumbai. Despite being an expert in software development, he landed a job in a market research firm. 

Before we move on, something is interesting to share. Binoy once wrote on a blank paper, “I will retire at the age of 35 years. I will have a firm.” The visiting cards for that anonymous firm got printed when he was in his first job as a fresher. Somewhere, the Universe has been preparing Binoy for his future endeavours. Such simple incidents have a lasting impact that you realize years later. 

There have been several strides in his life, but one thing never left him: Market Research. Whether he was interested or not, market research kept following him. Eventually, he also accepted that market research is his ultimate calling. In 2012, he founded his own market research company named Research City. Despite his prior experience, the initial days were extremely challenging. But today, Research city is a hidden world for the corporate industry, which is working on the autopilot mode and with international clients and working at a great speed—delivering the projects much before the expected time, which is rare to witness in the market research industry.

Initially, his company’s growth started to accelerate as they acquired some premium clients from both India and the West. This includes the FMCG giants, Hindustan Unilever Limited. He deployed his game-changing strategy to develop the business, collaborating with market research giants and obtaining projects from them. 

Research City was contacted for those assignments that were impossible to complete or had been rejected by every renowned and top research firm in the world. Furthermore, the deadlines were short, just 24 hours. Binoy took on these challenges, and Research City delivered those projects within deadlines as well! They gained an edge in the market, and everyone began to believe in Research City for its toughness, strength, and credibility. He turned every challenge into an opportunity, which helped his company to get connected with multiple other market research companies and global clients.

While Binoy’s company had turned out to be profitable and made research city as one of the best market research companies in India, there was still room for growth in the market. He decided to work for Market Research Tools. This tool will give an edge to Research city if made as thought. Binoy observes that most of the tools have been code-oriented. This made it difficult for people from non-technical backgrounds to use them. Therefore, he decides to develop his market research tool without much coding. Making it comfortable for anyone to use it, even those with no technical background.

Developing such an innovative tool/solution was extremely challenging. However, Binoy has been determined to build this. Since Binoy has been a software developer, and with his market research experience, he took the lead and designed innovative yet user-friendly software for such research assignments. After many tests and revamping, the dream tool was developed successfully. This tool was easy to work with, as it didn’t involve any coding. This software is capable of delivering 80 projects in a day, whereas other firms’ software can only deliver 10-20 projects in a day.

As a company that promotes individual growth, Research City has emerged as one of the most desirable places to work. As a result, employees can explore their passions while working for them. Be it one day or one year, Binoy does not ask why an employee is taking a leave or how long they will be on leave. They are allowed to work from home. All you require is the laptop, take it with you, and we never ask you to visit the office in person.

When the pandemic hit, many companies fired their employees and reduced their salaries to survive the pressure. Still, Research City hired more employees instead and never lowered the salary of their employees. This was because Binoy was able to run his company successfully even during the pandemic, which made Research City the best market research company in India.

Binoy Koshy is a true inspiration for every aspiring entrepreneur. He is proof that you should listen to your inner voice even if you don’t know what your goal is. You have all the possibilities to succeed in your life. All you need to do is work consistently, have patience, and keep learning to rise high in life. You can find more about his company at


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