How BasicsFoto is changing the photography industry for good!

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There have been many start-ups and companies working to bridge the gap between the end customers and the service providers. However, as far as the Photography Industry is concerned, there has been no presence of any organization to channelize the same. Even if there are few, they are again focused on providing the end customers a platform to book the photography services and nothing else. There is no organization to pragmatically channelize the service providers in the photography industry.

This is where BasicsFoto came into the picture.

The idea of providing the budding photographers and content creators to learn and polish their craft with simple courses & workshops along with creator-centric tours/meet-ups led by the experts to provide a holistic development opportunity to anyone who likes visual art makes the brand BasicsFoto.

Santshree Sinha, the founder of BasicsFoto analyzed and researched the gap so as to fill in with proper resources and provide a brand-new avenue for the photographers, from beginners to advanced, a platform to learn, develop, and get recognized for their craft. Started in the year 2017, BasicsFoto is a fully functional start-up in the field of art & photography, a relatively blue market.

Santshree has developed a platform in which he proudly gives the tagline of ‘Everything about Photography’ and rightly so.

Initially founded to cater to the local audiences for meet-ups, BasicsFoto has come a long way and now they proudly share that they cater to everything and anything that photography & visual art can relate to.

Today, BasicsFoto has its presence across India and the Middle East with YOY growth of a staggering 1200%, having photographers under its umbrella who come together to share their art and learn from each other!

Here are a few of the services and offerings BasicsFoto has under its sleeves:


BasicsFoto Magazine is a new take on photography magazines and how it is perceived in the market. The idea behind this is to provide everyone an opportunity to get recognized for their craft. And if someone who submits for the magazine isn’t up to the levels, they are provided an opportunity to learn from the experts in the industry through the courses and workshops! The first-ever issue of the magazine was read by 1,235 people across the globe, within 15 days of its release.


BasicsFoto Adda is the name coined by the founder, taking inspiration from the old school addas of art learning that used to happen every now and then, where a mentor used to sit with beginners in a candid environment and without any inhibitions. Adda aims to educate the newcomers in the photography industry with the help of simple fun courses and on the field workshops so that they can polish their craft and take it as a full-time career! They have 5+ different courses from industry experts as of now and they plan to expand to 50+ by the year-end!


BasicsFoto Marketplace is a thoughtfully designed platform to provide projects and earning opportunities to everyone who wishes to pursue their career in the field of photography. The marketplace was recently launched and it aims to have 1000+ opportunities by the end of the year for the photographers who have mastered their skills.

Rental Store

Every now and then, a common problem that photographers and content creators face is the shortage of equipment. Even the masters in the field are sometimes limited because of it and they can’t turn their vision into reality. BasicsFoto Rental Store aims to remove that barrier and provide rentals of all the photography gear, from full-sized cameras to even the smallest of the accessories!


BasicsFoto Escapes is a thoughtfully curated experiential tour program, aimed to provide the creators and photographers an opportunity to explore a place or a festival with like-minded people under the guidance of an expert leader. BasicsFoto has been organizing such tours for over 3 years now and with the primary objective of providing the best experience to the creators onboard. BasicsFoto has successfully organized 10+ such tours with 5-star reviews from the participants, every single time.

All in all, BasicsFoto aims to transform the photography industry and bridge the gap the photographers face in order to grow and be masters in their own way!

If you are a photographer or you have someone who is into photography, you should visit BasicsFoto to elevate your game!

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