How Ahir Devesh becoming author in young age

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Ahir Devesh has recently published his book ‘The lockdown’, which is being liked a lot by the readers. Ahir Devesh was very fond of reading poetry from the beginning and this hobby gradually turned into a profession.

Ahir Devesh started his writing career in class 10 itself. Initially he used to write short poems. Which used to be rhyming poetry, and gradually with experience and effort, he also started composing a slightly bigger poem. However, most of his poems were influenced by love. Slowly, the passion of writing this poem changed in writing the story.

When the whole country was battling the corona epidemic. People were somehow spending their time in their homes. But in the meantime, this young man started his writer’s journey by making good use of his time. Ahir Devesh wrote his first book, The Lockdown, using the time and environment properly. In this book, he has mentioned a family that is battling this epidemic, and due to the rumors of Corona, a person of that family lost his life. This story is just a fantasy, but how many such stories will be there in the country which would have been passed on to the people.

Youth should learn from young writer Ahir Devesh and learn to use time properly. Ahir Devesh showed how to use time properly. The author journey has begun, and more books by Ahir Devesh will be coming soon.

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