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Homealz is Delhi’s only Homemade E-commerce Platform connecting with women to empower them. Homealz was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in New Delhi. Riding the massive need for homemade food in the country, homealz came up with the idea of providing homemade food prepared by the home chefs around you.

Homealz started as a homemade food delivery service in Delhi and now planning to expand in other states soon.

The LLP describes itself as the homemade food delivery system in Delhi, offering a wide range of Subscription plans for individuals, groups

and corporates

Food provided by homealz is completely homemade and is best for those who want to stay healthy and fit.

Homealz provides an opportunity to the homemaker around the city to get themselves registered with them to prepare a meal and create an earning opportunity. They focus on women empowerment, and through the platform, women can earn and can make an independent life for themselves or can support their families as well. All the home chefs associated with the organization are well experienced and trained.

It all began in 2018 when two of the company’s founders, Ashish Kumar Dhiman and Rishabh Bhardwaj, were pursuing their graduation

from Jagannath international management school, Kalkaji. While the duo used to stay outside their home, they faced a scarcity related to food that they used to get when they stayed at their home, and the same problems were faced by other students as well. Several online platforms provided food that may be tasty but not good for health and having that unhealthy food led to health issues in some students. There was not even a single online platform that was providing healthy food.

During that period, they were working on a project on Indian Economic Situation. While conducting their research for the project, they encountered various problems in Indian Economic Scenario. One of that was the contribution of Indian women towards the Economy is very low. They realized if their unused skills could be utilized properly, it would lead to earning opportunities for many women, so they need not depend on anyone and could also contribute their part towards the growing economy.

While others thought that these are general problems that everyone has to face, the duo decided to bring a single solution for both of the issues and fill this gap. For this, they conducted a survey which shows a drastic result that the majority of women are not allowed to work outside their home.

So, this turns out to be a possibility for them to convert those problems into opportunities. They decided to give a chance to women’s best skills (i.e. COOKING) where they can cook good quality homemade food from their home and provide it to those who require good homemade food.

This was the beginning of HOMEALZ.


Ashish Dhiman

He is the Co-founder and Director of Homealz. He founded Homealz in the Year 2021. He’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course, and he completed his graduation from Jagannath International management School in the year 2018. He looks over the areas of Management and Compliance function. Extremely Disciplined, loves to work out and cycle.

Rishabh Bhardwaj

He is the Co-founder and Director of Homealz. He founded Homealz in the Year 2021. He completed his graduation from Jagannath International management School in 2018 founded Homealz in the Year 2021. He looks over the areas of Marketing and Branding function. He is a Keen thinker, fitness enthusiastic and habit of reading books.

   Contact Details

  Call :- 9717327174

  WhatsApp:- 9711915529



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