Hiring Freelancers: Better Work, Done Faster, For Less Money

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Freelance platforms like facilitate professional relationships that benefit everyone

Women who have kids while working full-time are sometimes forced into a precarious balancing act. They want to spend time with their kids, while also earning money to support their families. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, daycare options were reduced and many schools chose to pursue remote learning to keep kids safe.

Because of this, millions of women left the workforce to care for their families, greatly contributing to the nationwide labor shortage and often leaving employers in the lurch.

Even before the pandemic, Dawn Wellott’s 20 years of corporate leadership experience provided her with unique insight on the state of the job market. She spent two years building a fully-automated premier workforce replacement solution to connect freelancers and employers– a platform called

In Dawn’s own words, “Since COVID-19, it’s getting extremely difficult to find top talent. And on top of that, you have probably also come to the conclusion that it’s not necessary to have somebody working one specific job in your office full-time, 9-5. Our mission at is to find the expertise and top talent that you can’t find anywhere else, and match it with your specific job and your specific needs. We’ll find the talent you need and manage the tasks or projects for you until completion. You will simply get exactly what you need, when you need it, from start to finish.”

Highly-skilled workers who are experts in their fields sign up to work as independent contractors through, posting their resumes and listing their skills and services. Employers seeking task and project-based work, for both recurring and one-off projects, can browse the resumes of the workers on the platform, only paying for the service once they’ve hired a worker.

The benefit to the workers is obvious– they’re able to choose their own schedules, focus on the things they really enjoy doing, and support their families by working from home. But’s success truly lies in the many benefits it offers to employers.

Many employers who are used to doing things in the conventional way might be unfamiliar with the many benefits that hiring freelancers can offer, but it can actually be an incredibly smart move for the future of virtually any company.

One of the most important benefits of hiring freelancers like the experts on is the elimination of overhead. Full-time employees are great, and certainly serve an important function, but they can cost companies quite a bit of money for things like training, health insurance, paid time off, and office space.  On the flip side, freelancers don’t require any of those things– they’re already trained to complete the required project, they’re not on payroll so you don’t have to pay any payroll taxes, and they work from home– no office space needed.

Employees also typically come with a pile of paperwork; freelancers deal with taxes on their own– through companies like, they’re actually independent contractors, which means all of that paperwork is handled by the platform and not by the employer.

Another important factor to consider is the massively increased talent pool that employers can access when looking for freelancers. Hiring full-time, in-office employees typically requires that your search be limited to your area– but freelance platforms contain talent from anywhere. Specifically, has over a thousand experts, all located within the United States. This broad scope of potential workers means that you’re much more likely to find someone who’s perfect for the project. No more settling!

By its very nature, freelance work is temporary. Employers and freelancers only work together for the duration of a project, and there’s no commitment on either end when the project is completed. If the work relationship was positive throughout, then the employer can reach out for future projects, but if not, the freelancer can simply move on with no hard feelings.

Ultimately, freelance work offers much more flexibility to everyone involved. That means projects get done sooner and with better quality, with a greatly reduced overhead for employers and the irresistible pull of a flexible schedule for workers. What’s not to love? A platform like takes all the guesswork out of finding a freelancer so your company can start reaping the benefits right away.
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