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Heu Learn A Kerala Based Finishing School and Educational Startup Is Now Gaining National Attention With Their New Course, Heu10

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The Finishing School and Educational Platform company, Heu Learn is now planning to spread its wings all around India. The well-rounded educational initiative is owned by the founder, Fadhil Mohammed, himself. 

The Kerala-based Startup has only been recently launched. It has some exclusive and targeted courses to Develop the Skills and lifestyles of Students across India. Their successful performance and thoughts have convinced them to expand further in all parts of India. The revolutionary platform aims to provide students individual attention and a relaxed learning lifestyle to help them become Top scorers in both their work skills and academics.

The young entrepreneur and educational enthusiast, Fadhil Mohammed, only recently gained interest in technologies. His one-year experience in technologies helped him come up with the idea of launching a Finishing school initiative, Heu Learn. They have recently launched an exclusive course for grade 10 students called Heu10. 

The company’s CEO and founder, Fadhil Mohammed, believes in eradicating the worries of the fully frustrated grade, 10 students. He says, “Today’s educational platforms lack the main essence of education. Mainly because they only provide formal education. They provide pre-recorded classes when what the students really need is a mix of formal and life coaching. It is the best way for educating the young generation nowadays.” 

Heu Learn constantly comes up with special courses like Heu10 that aim to prepare the students the right way. Their individual attention and relaxed learning ways with proper lifestyle management are what make their students Top scorers 365 days a year and then for a lifetime in their personal and professional life.

The 2020 educational Startup has some rapid and instructive courses to help students have outstanding results. Apart from online apps and platforms, they provide live interactive sessions. These sessions have been specifically designed to help all the students clarify their doubts as soon as they crop up. 

Heu10 Course also provides the students with a highly-skilled student mentor who takes care of all kinds of needs. From stress control, nutrition, and academics to mental well-being, they regularly follow up with the students. Even in the case of homework assignments, they ensure students complete them on time.

Heu10 Course ensures that every child gets coaching and chapter-wise revision as per their personal potential. A step-by-step revision is done to help students experience a clarified learning process. They ensure desired results to their students and in case they fail, they provide a total fee refund.

What makes Heu Learn so unique is that they appreciate top scorers for their incredible learning aspects. They provide the gift of education to Their student who passes grade 10 with flying colors. The Startup has gone the extra mile by providing students with free grade 11 and grade 12 education in a school of their choice. 

The Kerala-based educational platform’s extensive learning techniques have now made it popular in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The online platform along with its will soon be launching in Mumbai as well. Apart from India, Fadhil also plans on taking his 2020 Startup from India to the US in soon future.

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