Hermes Mansour on the Importance of Achieving Financial and Time Freedom

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For Hermes Mansour, one of the most enjoyable parts of being an entrepreneur is achieving financial and time freedom. He shares the importance of these freedoms, as well as some advice on how to achieve them.

When asked about the “most rewarding” part of his job at the moment, Hermes mentions the freedom he has. He says, “to wake up every day with the freedom to enjoy my life as I see fit.” He also describes “freedom” as his favorite part of being an entrepreneur. Hermes explains, “I work when I need to, and I am more active with my family than I ever could be if I was shackled to a desk job.”

For Hermes Mansour, the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur lets him choose exactly how he wants to spend his time. This allows for a much better work-life balance than many people picture when they imagine entrepreneurs. He gets the financial freedom of someone who works long hours but has the freedom to control when those hours will be. This lets him adjust his schedule to be there for important family events and moments.

The financial and time freedom that comes with his job has also given Hermes Mansour numerous opportunities. For example, he will be relocating to Dubai in the very near future. This move will let him oversee and more closely manage the expansion of his supercar rental business. Because he is his own boss, he has the freedom to move to Dubai at any stage in the process that he chooses that is most convenient for him.

Even Hermes’ decision to pursue building a supercar fleet and further expanding into luxury experiences delivers financial freedom. As he describes, “As a business owner, my passions are more or less led by the pursuit of a lifestyle. Luxury vehicle and watercraft rental suits that perfectly.” In other words, being an entrepreneur gave Hermes the freedom to pursue a business that lines up with his interests. He also says that this venture “allows me to craft a lifestyle of fun and excitement around serious business and stability.”

Hermes has worked hard to get where he is today, with the level of freedom he enjoys. He began his career in demolitions, which he describes as “a means to an end, a leg up to pursue my true passions.” From there, he pursued his dream of acting and his supercar rental fleet business idea.

While Hermes Mansour has time and financial freedom, he still prioritizes working hard. That freedom simply allows him to ensure there is time for everything that is important to him, including both his business and his family.

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