Here’s Why the founder of BNCW Media, Aditya Raj Wants To Educate The Indian Audience

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Aditya Raj is an all rounder Entrepreneur, investor, blogger and so much more. He has worked in a lot of positions in his life and is still a very young man, not even in his 20s yet. So, what is the secret behind this? The only trick and also the most useful one is to be focused and committed.

Most of the time people confuse their paths to follow their dreams and take up the easiest one. What they cannot realise is that anything that comes easily also goes easily, and the only route to success is the difficult and the long one. He has been working since he was only 14 years old, after dropping out of his school. This was not looked upon favourably, as expected, and the motivation along with innovation in his life was also the bare minimum. We must not forget that people who are determined to make their weaknesses their strength because of their will power.

 Aditya Raj also did the same and refused to give up on his dream. This led to a series of consequences and also enormous opportunities that opened up alternative paths in his life.

The major problem with many entrepreneurs is that, when they are focusing on growing their business company, they fail to actually invest their money. Hence ending up being left with a less amount of capital to put into their business and soon rely on the business itself for their financial needs. Therefore, to invest one’s money is to be smart. 

Aditya is an investor at heart, and the very first time that he invested his money was when he was only 16 years old, using his mother’s account. But once he was 18, that is the legal age in India, he soon invested in stocks, crypto currencies and mutual funds. To be honest, these are great ways to earn money quickly provided you know when to invest them and when to sell them off.

But apart from making money and investing it, Aditya Raj was also interested in making people learn about how they can do it too. He not only thinks about his own good, but also about the betterment of the surrounding people. This led him to start a financial blog called NamasteFinance. The basic job of this blog is to make the Indian audience aware of how they can invest their money. This is not enough, people would obviously want to know that why we should invest money and what are the advantages of doing so along with the losses.

This educational blog is perfect if you are interested in investing money and have been considering it for a very long time, but could not do so because of the complete lack of information about it. From pleasing himself to pleasing his clients and his blog readers, Aditya Raj has surely done a lot of great things.


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