Runway Waiters is a unique hybrid of a modeling agency and high-end hospitality staffing service. Headquartered on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, this brand ambassador staffing agency is the go-to source for luxury brands when they hold an event.

The model event staff available for hire at Runway Waiters is comprised of individuals who are signed with the world’s top modeling agencies. These men and women are an equal mix of brains and beauty, making them an invaluable asset for premiere names when they hold a party.

Think high-end brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani, Ferrari, Bentley, and Versace. When these companies hold a promotional event, one of the goals is to make it memorable. Customer service is a trademark of these luxe brands, including the service their guests receive at high-profile parties.

This is where Runway Waiters comes in. When Rolls Royce calls needing an event staff, they are sent experienced servers, bartenders, and ambassadors who also happen to be models. Simply put, premiere parties have the assistance of an equally premiere staff. The individuals represented by Runway Waiters have extensive knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry that will not simply meet but exceed customer expectations.

The model bartenders and waiters for hire are incredibly versatile. Be it a fundraiser, car unveiling, product launch, hotel opening, real estate showing, or even the Grammy’s afterparty, Runway Waiters can provide staff for even the most demanding of needs. The agency has become a go-to source for event planners since these individuals know their staffing needs can be fulfilled with a single phone call.

Runway Waiters doesn’t just serve the Los Angeles area. The agency has locations in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. A goal is not just national but global expansion. In its commitment to excellence, Runway Waiters is consistently striving to learn how to improve its trademark service and become the choice agency for any event that requires models.

Beauty and service are synonymous with luxury. When high-profile names hold a high-profile event, they need to deliver a stellar experience. Runway Waiters is ready to help them achieve this with a model event staff that brings the looks, skill, smarts, and charm the world’s top brands want.

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