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Here’s all you need to know about Kentucky’s next star- JameirKGolden

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Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, JameirKGolden, whose real name is Jameir Desean Kirkpatrick, is the next rising star from the land of legends such as Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller. However, JameirKGolden is a true artist in her own right, read on to know why.

JameirKGolden’s first stint with music was in 2014 when she discovered the joy of creating melodies and writing lyrics on her own. Within 3 years JameirKGolden had already had a hit song by the name of Losing My Mind. “By January 2018 Losing My Mind had hundreds of thousands of streams overnight and the single had gone viral”, JameirKGolden recalls, “After that, there was no going down only up”. By the end of the year JameirKGolden had released her first extended play by the name of Death Will Follow Shortly and also released her next hit single Mix Match Socks. The phenomenal success of the song brought several connections to JameirKGolden and give her the opportunity of signing with record labels such as Columbia, Warner music group, Sony music entertainment and Interscope. JameirKGolden also got the opportunity to co-sign with big names from the music industry such as Yeat and Playboi Carti.

What once started out as a desire to just create something different from what was always playing on the radio has now awarded JameirKGolden with more than 10 million streams on a song she wrote just for fun. JameirKGolden also had the opportunity to connect with late rapper XXXTentacion who was loved by all and had an especially close relationship with JameirKGolden, oftentimes speaking up to give the support she needed to continue in a harsh industry.

In the future, JameirKGolden wants to become a more consistent and popular name in the music industry as an artist who regularly comes up with innovative music without losing out on their own style. There will definitely be a bit of a learning curve before she can achieve this because JameirKGolden still finds herself struggling with spacing out her energy and music is a career that asks for all or nothing at the moment. However, JameirKGolden is adamant about making an improvement and also hopes to collaborate with more artists who resonate with her outlook on the world. While all this seems like quite a lot of effort JameirKGolden is ready to go above and beyond what is required so that she can find herself becoming a household name. After all, success comes to those who work hard and are never afraid to try.

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