Hawaiian Poké Bowl- An affordable and visit-worthy restaurant that doesn’t only offers food but also aims to provide a vacation to their customers:

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People today are channelizing their priority in health, being concerned about their food, and choosing a healthier lifestyle. Now, Poké bowls are presently the food hype, proving a great alternative for the high-priced unhealthy food. Introducing Hawaiian Poké Bowl, which likes to surf along on that wave of interest. With the main motive of blending taste with heath and affordability, they are winning hearts all across Belgium and Europe.

Being the national dish of Hawaii, Poké bowls consist of rice, marinated fish, seaweed, and various vegetables. The dish attracts mainly the youngsters, primarily health being the concern but also social media being an important part of their life. The colorful bowls are healthy and also very Instagrammable for both young teenage kids and the most seasoned influencers. Thereby, it is no coincidence that it is one of the latest trends in the culinary field.

The restaurant is the hard work of the three young people, putting continuous efforts to create something better for this generation. Mattijs Hermans, Ash Shah, and Albano Gozhina jointly contributed their consistency, hard work, and dedication to build up an empire of their own.

They have a motive that is much bigger than just making money. They want to convey their passion to the public, that is bringing healthy food to the market in an accessible and cheap way. So, it doesn’t have to be a greasy burger for that price. More precisely, at that price one can get a fresh salmon from Norway or tuna from the Maldives, Avocados in cubes, or as guacamole, a range of toppings that can be added to their own taste. And the interesting fact is that there is a specialist chef sauce maker as the existing ones are much unhealthier.

Talking about the ambiance, there are wooden tables and chairs with mood lighting between the palm trees. But the eye-catcher is undoubtedly the plant wall, which immediately makes you feel like you are on an exotic island. They mention that “It was very important to us that customer could escape the issues of the day for a while. We don’t sell food, but a twenty-minute vacation.” The trio consciously chooses not to be a purely transactional business, and this is the very essence of Hawaiian Poké Bowl.

If you want to know more about the Hawaiian Poké Bowl, then check out their social media handle and website (Link down below)

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