Gursewak Singh Jaisal: The pioneering element in entrepreneurship

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The world has seen enough entrepreneurs, brand figures, ambassadors, influencers but the one we are talking about remains intact. The man is Gursewak Singh Jaisal, the epitome of entrepreneurship in  India. We always make mistakes in finding what entrepreneurship honestly asserts. Gursewak’s view on this peculiar field is quite different. It’s never about money and fame. It’s about blooming as a person and making others accumulate. That’s where “WAF Entrepreneurs” come into sight. The social platform that promotes and supports local brands is directed by Gursewak

It all started when he joined the WAF Entrepreneurs, and since then, he hasn’t backed off his step. He believes someone won’t succeed if he isn’t passionate about his profession. Working hard, day and night,  to build entrepreneurs and giving them opportunities has made Gursewak top-notch in the domain.

Society underestimates the vision of a middle-class boy. When everything vanishes from your senses,  and you feel mislaid, Guesewak was strong and brave to overcome all the obstacles. Passing from a  prestigious college in Chandigarh, even though he had achieved milestones in his masters and educational career, he wasn’t ready to think that education is the only way to success. Success comes from potential, and great are the people who can find it. “Create a vision for yourself, instead of just thinking average.”, he says. Moreover, he believes that mindset is the only way to take you to the top. He  also adds, ” Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you  believe.” And we can’t agree more. 

Jaisal is a renowned name when we discuss Networking, Information Technology, Branding,  Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers, and many more portfolios. Through his Instagram handle  @gursewaksinghjaisal, he has reached numerous youths and has made them successful. It’s not just about getting rich and powerful but sharing your skills to make others’ lives better. He wants the youth to have a life where they are happy with their profession because that is the only way they can grow professionally. WAF’s mission is to produce maximum young entrepreneurs across the globe, and the social media handle @waf_entrepreneurs is working vigorously to achieve those endeavors. He had founded “worldfilmandartsorganization” when he was in college and did events and short films under it. In  2014, he became the founder of Guru Clinic. He has also worked with Samsung and Hitachi, like multinational companies, for a couple of years. He is also the founder of Network4group, a multi-role company majoring in construction and events. The orange venture is his real estate project. He has experience working as a producer in an international Punjabi news channel named “Juspunjabi”. His achievements include being featured in Forbes India, Yahoo, and Londondailypost. Gursewak is all set to taking opportunities and providing results as per the client’s needs. When no one thinks about the youth and the startups they are about to make, Gursewak comes to the rescue, and through his vision and

inspiration, the world will see real prosperity in society.


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