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LAW LABORATORY RESEARCH JOURNAL OF LAW & SOCIO-ECONOMIC ISSUES [ISSN: 2583-0783] is an initiative of the leading brand Law Laboratory founded by Mr. Mukund Maheshwari. It is a quarterly journal that offers Students, Graduates, Lawyers and University Professors the ideal platform for the presentation of academic, non-academic, linguistic, such as research projects, and academic essays to a wide audience. Publications are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance, tone, and accuracy.

It is one of the best journals to publish your legal research articles, case comments, book reviews, essays etc. if your work is original and high quality. All manuscripts contributed by the authors are evaluated using the same criteria. The editorial board and advisory board consists of the eminent legal personalities that make the journal highly reputed in itself.

Advisory Board:

  1. Mrs. Surbhi Maheshwari, Assistant Manager, Clients & Markets, Grant Thornton LLP, Mumbai
  2. Mr. Raghav Maheshwari, Senior Manager, Product Life Cycle Management, Novartis International, Hyderabad
  3. Mr. Sumit Wadhwa, Founding &Managing Partner, Abott Law Office, New Delhi 
  4. Mr. Rohit Jain, Managing Partner, Singhania & Company LLP 
  5. Mr. Manish Priyadarshi, Founding &Managing Partner, Samyag Legal, Jaipur 
  6. Mr. Arpit Maheshwari, Managing Partner, ARK Juris, New Delhi 
  7. Dr. Dewakar Goel, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India 
  8. Dr. Shikha Dimri, Professor (Senior Scale), School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
  9. Ms. Jyoti Gautam, Assistant Manager – Legal, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce, Gurugram
  10. Dr. Pooja Das Gupta, PHD (HR), MBA (HR, Finance)
  11. Mr. Madhav Maheshwari, Advocate, District & Session’s Court, Kanpur 
  12. Mr. Shashank Shekhar, Assistant Law Professor, Sangam University, Bhilwara
  13. Mr. Avatar Chaubey, Assistant Law Professor, Sangam University, Bhilwara
  14. Mr. Somdev Tiwari, Associate, Gaggar and Partners, New Delhi
  15. Ms. Eshjot Walia, Senior Associate, Legacy Law Offices, Chandigarh
  16. Dr. Vinod Kumar Saroj, Associate Law Professor, MATS University, Raipur
  17. Dr. Debashree Chakraborty, Assistant Law Professor, Techno India University, Kolkata
  18. Dr. S. Kandasamy, Associate Law Professor, Department of Public Policy Law and Governance, Central University of Rajasthan

Managerial Board:

  1. Mr. Ayush Patria, Managing Editor
  2. Ms. Mansi Chhabra, Senior Editor & Marketing Head
  3. Ms. Mili Kanoujiya, Deputy Editor (Senior Scale)
  4. Mr. Avichal Mishra, Associate Editor
  5. Ms. SanyaPahuja, Associate Editor
  6. Ms. Shivika Goel, Digital Head
  7. Mr. Bhavish Wadhwa, Digital Head

Editorial Board

  1. Ms. Charu Maheshwari, Editor-in-chief, Assistant Law Professor, Oriental University, Indore
  2. Ms. Diksha Sareen, Assistant Law Professor, JEMTEC, Noida
  3. Ms. Asha Sinha, Assistant Law Professor, JEMTEC, Noida
  4. Mr. Nehru, Assistant Law Professor, Akra Jain University, Jamshedpur
  5. Ms. Gunjan Deshpandey, Research Assistant, MNLU, Mumbai
  6. Ms. Aastha Ananya, Individual Practioner, High Court, Patna

The members monitor the journal’s stringent peer review procedure. The journal is committed to free thinking and publication of thought-provoking material so as to give the readers best insights on what’s impacting law and society while discovering trends on various legal issues. It is intended primarily to be a platform for the presentation of legal and socio-economic research. Their mission is to unite the global community of innovators in a way that creates long-lasting value for everyone.

If you have an article or any contribution to make, kindly visit the website of the journal and submit your original manuscript. Choosing to publish in Law Laboratory Research Journal of Law & Socio-Economic Issues will get you noticed by other academics and potentially open a range of career opportunities to you. They are also indexed in several research databases. They give you the best publication experience with an easy submission process. For every submission you get an e-certificate to enhance your CV.

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