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Gerow Hair Ink Launches Master Classes for Specialized SMP Courses

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from hereditary thinning or male pattern baldness. It is a severe problem that affects the social standing of many people, disrupting their daily lives. We cannot even account for the total number of people who suffer from hair loss due to stress, medical side effects, etc. For all these people and more, Gerow Hair Ink started to provide Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as a viable solution that produced very successful results. Now, Jonathan Gerow and Eric Roberto, owners of Gerow Hair Ink, have decided to launch masterclasses to teach specialized courses in SMP.

Gerow Hair Ink is one of the leading providers of SMP worldwide. Their course of treatment, with the help of SMP, has proven to be an effective method to combat hair loss in a surgically non-invasive way. “Creating micro-pigments on the scalp is more like getting a very spread out tattoo. The result looks like a shaved head. The pigmentation is almost indistinguishable from actual hair follicles,” says Gerow. “It does the job that is required of it without too much effort or pain on the part of the patient,” adds Roberto. Put merely, SMP doesn’t add hair but mimics the presence of hair on the scalp. People can use it to add density to thinning areas, restore receding hairlines, and hide any scars.

Last year, Gerow Hair Ink was invited to demonstrate their SMP method at the International Beauty Show in New York. This allowed Gerow and Roberto to offer master classes in SMP. The duo had started Gerow Hair Ink together after noticing the potential of SMP to remove the problems with having a bald head. Roberto, an established barber, was the first person to bring Scalp Pigmentation to the barber community. Together, they and Gerow Hair Ink have helped many celebrities with their hair-growth related troubles. Now, they feel like it is the right time to teach the SMP course. “It is a simple course, and I want to make sure that people understand right off the bat what a Scalp Micropigmentation looked like,” said Gerow.

Whether it is a patient with baldness, stress, or other baldness-inducing problems, Gerow Hair Ink is here to help you out.

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