Gayatri Dhawan – young entrepreneur chasing her dreams

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Gayatri Dhawan is a young entrepreneur, who is consistently working towards the developments. She is a businesswoman, chasing the entrepreneurial dream. She is giving new and successful dimensions to Handson Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and Inseed Biotech. With her managed and visionary approach, she is setting the trends as a Managing Director of both the companies. She has set the trend for the fellow employees to follow for their prosperous career. Her europhile for work is worth witnessing and knowing. The Young businesswoman is an example to many.

When she stepped into social work, she again performed so well. Gayatri Dhawan has become a name for the people in need. The indigent people look for someone, who can show empathy and understand the trouble they face. Gayatri Dhawan has given them a helping hand with her graciousness. She has the capability of understanding people. Her caring nature propels the people to share things. This zealous lady puts her heart out for the betterment of livelihood along with her successful entrepreneurship. She is managing both the businesswoman and social work, personalities side by side with great efforts.       

Women’s empowerment is all about actions. Gayatri Dhawan believes in equipping and allowing life-determining decisions. She is balancing life between entrepreneurship and social work. She is rising behind the clouds of bustles. She is empowering women and society in every aspect. Her decision-making process is tremendously great that ultimately reflects on her performance. Gayatri Dhawan is flourishing in her two ventures as Managing Director and participating as an enthusiastic social activist. We are living in a society where woman empowerment is still in the nascent stage. Gayatri is working to nurture it and raise the society along with her. Every experience of her life is just like another step for her, where she is covering the stairs to reach the heights of success!

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