From Telecommuting to Teleporting: How the Metaverse Will Transform Remote Work

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Since 2020, the popularity of remote work has exploded. According to a recent study, 58% of workers have been given the opportunity to work remotely at least one day a week by their employers. With this noted shift in the approach to work, innovators have been dedicating time and energy to improving the landscape of remote work. 

Greg Sugar, Vice President of Operations at LineZero, believes strongly in the power of technology to transform the human experience. As the work experience has been transformed over the last few years, technology has been used to keep people communicating, engaging, and working together towards shared organizational goals. Now, as Web3 emerges as the next frontier in technology and social media-influenced work, Sugar and his team are investing in bringing workplaces to the next level — through the metaverse and beyond. 

Flexible communication and team-building

One of the main concerns of organizations as the remote work revolution took hold was keeping employee engagement and communication strong. LineZero is providing an answer to many of the pain points organizations reported as people began to work from home, and are doing so by leveraging the advanced technology capabilities of the metaverse. 

“We identify culture and communication challenges, implement customized solutions based on organizational psychology and employee experience research, and use technology and design to deliver practical and engaging solutions,” says Sugar. 

The metaverse — a digital environment designed for people to work, live, socialize, and connect — is becoming an important factor in the future of remote work. Companies are already building environments within the metaverse that allow their employees and clients to better connect and collaborate, even with a remote workforce. These virtual environments embedded in the metaverse allow companies to thrive without travel or in-house employee teams, creating opportunities for a wider range of hiring options. 

The move to the metaverse is still being explored, and its use for corporate teams is still in its infancy. However, early adopters like Sugar and the team at LineZero are hopeful about the future of augmented reality to positively influence the workforce. 

“Although we are still in the early adopter phase of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, we see more and more incredible usage of the technology each day,” explains Sugar. “As that technology becomes more mature, we can look forward to capturing more of the benefits and value of in-person collaboration and connection digitally.”

Metaverse Gurus for the World of Work 

LineZero has been working within the world of augmented reality and virtual environments for some time, and is ready to lead others into this world of possibility. The company has created immersive experiences within the metaverse to allow company teams to connect and collaborate just as they would within an office environment.

  • Horizon Workrooms, through Meta, is a way to bring teams together virtually. The program offers cutting-edge collaboration tools — such as presentation-sharing capabilities, persistent whiteboards, flexible spaces, and the ability to join from everywhere, whether someone has a headset or not. 
  • Quest for Business are virtual and mixed-reality headsets that allow teams to connect like never before so they can feel truly present with one another, even if they are scattered throughout the globe. The goal of some of the features — such as collaborative whiteboard environments and immersive learning — is more productivity and stronger teams. 

Although the work landscape is rapidly changing and heading into the future through the metaverse, Sugar and his team at LineZero understand that there still exists a place for in-person, face-to-face connection. The company envisions a future of work where in-person and virtual workspaces can coexist and create stronger work environments overall. 

“LineZero envisions the future of work as a hybrid model that balances remote work with in-person collaboration, enabled by technology and supported by a human-centric approach that prioritizes employee well-being and connection,” explains Sugar.

By identifying the unique challenges of different clients and showing them how to best create cohesive teams, even in a remote work environment, LineZero is riding the wave of the new way of work. As the workforce continues to evolve, their innovative approach will be available to accompany businesses down the path toward adaptation and success in a virtually-influenced world. 


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