From Spring Cleaning to Spring Fixing: Handyman Tasks A Deep Cleaning May Uncover

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It is common for companies to do a deep cleaning of their facilities in the spring. Regardless of what type of industry you are part of — retail, medical, office space, health and wellness, storage, or warehousing — your commercial facilities will inevitably need a deep clean, even with quality reoccurring services being completed often. 

While the spring cleaning tradition is primarily focused on areas with a heavy build-up of dust, grime, and bacteria in hard to reach places that happen naturally throughout the year, it can also serve another purpose; uncovering much needed repairs.  

“There are a number of repair needs that commonly get discovered during a deep cleaning,” says Bryan Kelley, founder of Laser Facility Management. “They are often found in areas that involve large equipment to complete high dusting or in nooks and crannies that are difficult to attend to in the short time span given to complete a general janitorial checklist.”

Laser Facility Management offers a variety of facility services to enable multi-site companies to manage their national footprints. Its focus is on continuously improving the customer service experience, delivering peace of mind, and reducing costs by eliminating inefficiencies. Laser provides preventative, on-demand, and emergency services, aimed at maintaining and improving facilities.

“A well-trained cleaning team conducting a deep cleaning will undoubtedly uncover issues that need to be repaired,” Bryan says. “When these issues are brought to the attention of the company or facility manager, they should not hesitate to address them because, in some cases, they can be issues that make the workplace unsafe for employees and customers.”

Plumbing issues: dealing with drips and leaks

Leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage if left unaddressed, and when those pipes are tied to inbound plumbing, they can also increase facility costs. Spring cleaning is often the time when leaks get noticed since it involves deep cleaning in “behind the scenes” areas.  

Cleaning under sinks in bathrooms and break rooms can uncover leaks involving pipes and valves. If a simple tightening doesn’t fix the problem, valves and fittings will need to be replaced. In cases where the leak has compromised the cabinet, it should also be replaced, as rotting wood can lead to mold or provide entry for insects and other pests.

Spring cleaning can also uncover signs of pipes leaking behind walls or in ceilings. “Water stains on walls and ceilings are an obvious sign that water is dripping either from pipes or leaks in the roof,” Kelley explains. “Blistering paint, deteriorating plaster, and bulges in walls are other signs that cleaning teams may notice. When these are detected, professionals should be called in immediately, as leaks may have already resulted in structural issues.”

Door issues: fixing broken locks and hinges

Many workplaces have doors that typically either stay open or remain closed. They might stand at the end of a hallway that serves as a main thoroughfare or secure a storage closet filled with decades-old company records. When these doors are cleaned is the time when problems with hinges or locks can easily be detected and resolved.

Making sure doors are operational is important, even if they are rarely used since emergency plans that address fires, active shooters, and other dangers require that doors be fully functional. Any issues that compromise a door’s functionality should be quickly addressed.

Ceiling issues: replacing tiles and securing grids

Cleaning acoustical tiles — which are the norm for ceilings in offices and other workplaces — can reveal several issues that compromise safety and utility. For example, water leaks can soften the tiles, causing them to suddenly fall from the metal grid that holds them in place. Water can also cause mold to grow on the backs of tiles, affecting the facility’s air quality.

Ceiling tiles may be compromised when work is done in or around ceilings, such as replacing light bulbs or running wires for cameras or other technology. Whatever the cause or extent of the damage, it should be addressed as soon as detected. A professional maintenance service can also determine if there are issues behind the tiles, such as roof leaks or pest intrusion, that should be addressed.

“Regardless of the issue that deep cleaning uncovers, companies should look to a professional facilities team to address it,” Kelley shares. “In many cases, building codes and inspections come into play. The experience and expertise that a facilities management company brings are invaluable for ensuring that the workplace stays safe and functional for employees and customers alike.”


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