Beyond just being a convenient spot to grab a bite to eat, restaurants serve an important purpose in our neighborhoods. These places have the potential to serve as nexuses for locals, bringing people together and acting as stages for progressive change. Neha Anand, director of the restaurant chain Three Layer Hospitality (TLH), is a shining example of the positive influence that eateries can have in local neighborhoods. With Anand at the helm, TLH has become more than just a chain of restaurants with a focus on community, sustainability, and diversity. 

TLH gives back to the neighborhood in part by using local, eco-friendly suppliers. Because they exclusively use seasonal and locally obtained ingredients, TLH helps local farmers and helps the environment. By helping small firms and fostering long-term growth, this effort sets off a chain reaction. As an added measure, TLH now recycles, composts, and uses energy-efficient equipment. 

TLH also gives back to the local community by hosting charity events and partnering with other groups to collect donations. By focusing support on pressing issues in the community, programmes like this can have a profound effect. Moreover, TLH is a great illustration of how eating establishments may serve as focal points for locals. These restaurants serve as gathering places where friends and family can make new memories together. 

Anand has also made diversity and inclusion at TLH a top priority. All customers, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, will be treated with respect and kindness, according to our policy. TLH promotes a diverse set of viewpoints by actively seeking out and incorporating them into the company’s culture. 

Anand and TLH care more about making a positive impact on the world than they do about making money. She believes the food service sector can and should be a force for good in the world, and she plans to help make that happen. Anand is a pioneer in the beverage and food sector, and she uses her passion for her business to advocate for environmental and social problems. 

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of restaurants in our society and the value of those that make a significant difference. TLH is a model of how a restaurant can be a force for good by fostering a sense of community and fostering diversity and sustainability. TLH is contributing to a more stable and equitable economy by bolstering regional establishments and grassroots efforts. Also, TLH is helping to build a strong sense of community in the area by giving individuals a place to gather together and make new friends. 

The restaurant business is led by Neha Anand and Three Layer Hospitality, and their dedication to doing good is exemplary. Perhaps other eateries will be inspired by their initiative and begin using their companies to promote positive social and environmental change as well.

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