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Francis Volpe Shares the Top 5 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2021

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The events of the global pandemic in 2020 saw digital marketing become an essential practice for businesses hoping to survive. We are now left with the question; What trends will the aftermath of the pandemic inspire in 2021? Francis Volpe is the co-founder of Y Not You Media, a New York-based digital marketing agency, and here he answers this question as he shares the top five digital marketing trends that he predicts will emerge in 2021.

1. The snippet feature

Volpe shares that Google’s snippet feature is going to be trending high in 2021. With the snippet feature, google chooses a snippet of information from an article that answers a user’s question and features it in bullet point form at the top of the page. Volpe shares that the feature cuts down on traffic to online articles but becoming a featured article snippet is well worth losing a few clicks for the prominence you receive.

2. Influencer marketing

Volpe recognizes that utilizing the power of influencers has never stopped trending but he insists that 2021 will see the true rise of the influencer and their effect on the marketing industry. He explains that the lockdowns of 2020 led to a huge increase in the number of influencers online, with many using the time spent at home to launch their influencer brand. An increase in influencers, Volpe says, means an increase in influencer marketing opportunities.

3. Progressive marketing

Volpe shares that in 2021 whitewashed marketing is out and inclusive marketing that appeals and relates to a much wider demographic is officially in. The trend of progressive marketing is Volpe says, the product of societal evolution. We as a society have evolved, and inclusivity is now embraced worldwide. Volpe advises that every digital marketing campaign launching in 2021 should follow suit.

4. Sustainability

According to Volpe, it’s not just societal views that have evolved; protecting the environment is now an extremely hot button issue. Brands that don’t support sustainability in their marketing campaigns are being considered part of the problem. Volpe encourages examining ways that your brand supports environmental conservation and organically integrating them into your marketing campaign.

5. A.I

Volpe shares that the use of A.I have been trending within digital marketing for several years, but 2021 will see its popularity hit the stratosphere. The number of chatbots acting as a helpful concierge for visitors to websites has Volpe says, grown exponentially, and he predicts that in 2021 more brands will be adding A.I technology to their digital marketing campaigns.

Giving an overview of the digital marketing landscape for 2021, Francis Volpe shares that this year will be all about change and evolution. The events of the pandemic have caused almost every industry to pivot in a new direction, and he shares that digital marketers will be following suit and revealing new and innovative ways to reach consumers online.

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