“Fitness is a lifestyle, Not A trend!” : Says Prashil Rawat, Top Lifestyle Influencer in Dehradun in an Interview

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Prashil Rawat Shares some sneak peeks into his upcoming film projects and the highly anticipated venture, The Fugitive

If the words ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ make you feel butterflies in your stomach, this is the article for you.

Today we have a rising high in his career as an actor and producer but mostly an influencer, none other than Prashil Rawat. This star has made an imprint in the industry with his first successful commercial release 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died.

Prashil Rawat is an inspiration to many youngsters. Here is an excerpt from the interview for our readers.

Q: So Prashil, introduce yourself a little for the readers.

A: Hi, I am Prashil. I am from Dehradun, Uttrakhand. I am a Model/Actor. I have also dipped my feet into producing recently.

Q: Recently you have starred and co-produced a movie called 72 Hours. Can you tell us something about the film and your experience?

A: 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died is a film close to my heart released in 2019, directed by Avinash Dhyani. The story is based on the life and times of rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, who fought against the encroaching Chinese army during the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

I portrayed the character of Rifleman Jeet Singh. This movie filled the entire cast with patriotic feelings, and we poured our heart and soul into it while making this movie.

Q: You and Avinash Dhyani seem to be working on quite a few projects together. Would you mind sharing some details?

A: Yes. Avinash is a good friend of mine, and I have had the great opportunity to work with him now for a few movies.

One of them is called Sumeru, which is more of a love story/drama. I play the role of Romi.

Another upcoming movie, Amangal is 85% shot. I play the role of Monty and have also produced the same. It’s a movie that everyone can relate to right now, hitting the hot topic of COVID-19 but with a paranormal twist.

Saumya Ganesh is the third movie I have been working on as an actor and a producer, a romantic comedy shot about 75%.

Q: Can’t wait to see them all. Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

A: Yes, but now all I can say is that I have two more surprise projects I have been working on about which the details will be revealed around the end of 2022 or starting of 2023.

Q: There is a buzz all around about “The Fugitive”. We all would love to know the details!

A: Aha! This I am excited about and spilling any secrets, for now, would be too soon. It is a highly anticipated project and we have gathered a team of some of the well renowned, experienced, and talented artists. Ziad Sheikh, Tarun Rawat, and Vishal Aggarwal are the main producers of the project. Many popular faces like Akansha Puri, Reza Khan, Zarina Wahab, Pradeep Singh Rawat, Satish Sharma, Prithvi Zutsi, Parthaa Akerkar, Anjali Nauriyal and many more are also in the network.

I am working assiduously for my role and character in the film. I have lost some weight and also got some great tattoos.

Q: Sounds Amazing! You also said you are also a model. What is your prime focus as a model influencer?

A: I would consider myself a Lifestyle Influencer. I love acting, but fitness is my life. I believe a healthy body equates healthy life. You are as good as your body allows you to be.

Q: How do you stay healthy in such a busy lifestyle?

A: Eating right goes a long way. When it comes to Exercise, I always try to mix things up. My areas of interest are gymming, boxing, and hiking.

A good hike always leaves you a little closer to nature.

Q: Are there any sports that tickle your interest?

A: Yes. I like badminton and javelin throw. A little competition leaves you with a great adrenaline rush and a healthier heart.

Q: Agreed. Can you say any parting words before we end this interview?

A: My team and I have worked passionately on every project, and I would like it if all of you could share the same experience of joy while watching the films as we have experienced while making them.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and remember, “Being healthy and fit is not a fad or trend, it’s a lifestyle.”

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