Faridabad to Mumbai, Journey of a small town boy to Mumbai as a Film Director – Producer

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The Indian film industry, famously known as Bollywood, is the largest in the world, and has major film studios in Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Between them, they turn out to make more than 1000 films a year to hugely appreciative audiences around the world.

Indian Film Industry has always attracted people across India. Today we are going to share the story of a small town boy from Faridabad who has made it to Bollywood and has done more than 100 projects.

Alankar Sodi born in Faridabad belongs to a middle class family. He doesn’t have any connection in Bollywood. His father was in Govt Job. He always had a pressure to build such a career where he can earn a good salary and help his family. After his graduation, he immediately started his career in sales and marketing of telecom products. A hard and smart work earned him a good position and salary in a good company.

“I was never satisfied with the career I opted but due to financial issues I have to do the job. For working almost 10 years, I saved money with which I can educate myself in the creative field. I was always interested to make career in the creative field so I opted Camera. After 9 years of my journey, now I say “Roll camera and action.” That’s my Life now,” says Alankar Sodi.

“After leaving the job, I did my Diploma in Camera from Marwah Studios, Noida and then moved to Mumbai to pursue Diploma in Direction. After doing Diploma in Direction from Balaji Telefilms Institute, I immediately started looking for work but as they say Film Industry also has a phase which is called “Struggle.” I also had a struggling phase.

Time was tough as there was no income, no work. I was in huge pressure both financially and mentally. But my wife “Bhawna” supported me a lot, she always had faith on me. She got a job which acted as lifeline for me and I could get some more time to make the way to the career I was looking for. There were tough times. Love Mishra, my ex boss and my best friend is a great man. He was always there when I was in need. I pray good for all those who was there in my tough times,” says Alankar Sodi

He has done more than 100 projects in Indian Film Industry. Films, AD Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, etc are a part of his portfolio. Under this portfolio, he has featured films such as “Amaanat, Love Street, Yariyaan Dildariyaan”. He has worked with some of the top names of Indian Film Industry such as Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhavan, Anil Kapoor, Sonu Nigam etc. His music videos has made it to Industries big names such as T-Series, Sony Music.

“I am planning to open a film Institute in Faridabad and help those who want to make career in Indian Film Industry. Soon, I will be producing Haryanvi Music Videos and will feature talent from Faridabad. I would request our Chief Minister – M L Khattar to make an environment where Haryana can favour content in Haryanvi Language” – Alankar Sodi.

This was the story of a person who made it to his dreams after hard work and struggle. We hope our readers like this article.

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