Facebook, what really happened?

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not justify scientifically what exactly happened on Monday when his applications stopped working in all the world for more than 6 hours, even the company’s employees were unable to enter and access the Internet servers to address the malfunctions due to the failure of digital devices to recognize their ID cards.

The company believed, in a statement carried by “Reuters”, that the main reason for stopping the communication service is a wrong modification in the settings of the main routers, which caused problems that led to the interruption of the communication service.

After the applications returned to work normally, a global technology company for Internet analysis revealed activity by Facebook, which is believed led to the failure that hit the platform and its applications globally.

Doug Madhuri, director of Internet analysis at the Internet monitoring company “Kentech”, said that Facebook “made a change in network routing information.”, and according to the company, this change affected the company’s DNS servers, which act as a kind of search system on the Internet.

Technically, domain names such as “” are linked to digital Internet Protocol addresses used by browsers and web servers, and a message on the Facebook page indicated a failure in the domain name system.

Madhuri also said the change made Facebook’s DNS servers unavailable, forcing the company’s services, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, to go offline.

This sudden interruption came hours after accusations levelled at Facebook of interest in profit at the expense of other things, and the disclosure of the identity of the former employee of the giant company who leaked information related to Facebook’s policies to the Wall Street Journal.

During an exclusive interview with the “60 Minutes” television program, on CBS, the former production manager at Facebook, Frances Hogan, said that she leaked the information to the American newspaper, accusing Facebook of doing so “at the expense of hate speech, misinformation and promoting political unrest”, and that it the played a role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The former production manager hired to help protect against election interference at Facebook also said she was “frustrated by the company’s lack of openness about the possibility of its platforms being compromised and unwilling to address its flaws,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

After the former Facebook official, Francis Hogan, revealed the company’s policies, the White House directed heavy criticism at social networking sites, especially Facebook. “The White House views these leaks as the latest in a series on the social media platform that shows that self-regulation is not working,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, commenting on the leaks revealed by Hogan.

Saki’s statements coincided with a statement by the US Department of Defense, “The Pentagon”, which said it was investigating the hypothesis of a security threat behind the suspension of social media platforms in the world. The disaster, which is considered the second after the statements of the previous production manager, contributed to the decline in Facebook’s share price, as its share fell 5.8%, and its price reached $ 322.7, while the company’s capital value decreased to about $ 920 billion, after it reached 976 billion at the closing last week. As for the loss of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, it amounted to 6 billion dollars.

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