Experts From Chaplin’s Steakhouse Debunk 5 Common Misconceptions About Steak

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Before the existence of Chaplin’s Steakhouse and Restaurant, Cüneyt Cakir was always proficient with steaks. After traveling to Japan and Australia for the best meat in the world, Cakir established a Steakhouse that towers above others. Cüneyt Cakir comes from a long line of meat experts. Therefore, you can trust experts from Chaplin’s Steakhouse to debunk various misconceptions concerning steaks.

Steaks are a favorite for many, hence why many misconceptions surround them. A common fallacy is that all steakhouses know their stuff. To understand the complexity of preparing a satisfactory steak, one must have the necessary experience. Cüneyt Cakir opened Chaplin’s Steakhouse and Restaurant in 2013 and has been perfecting his skill. That means the restaurant has the right expertise to offer a steak that is done right. Also, people tend to believe the red juice that comes out of the steak is blood. However, that is not true because the red juice is myoglobin, and it turns red because of exposure to oxygen. Notably, even the rarest of steaks will not have blood on them. At Chaplin’s Steakhouse and Restaurant, they ensure your steak is aesthetically pleasing so that things like myoglobin do not irk you. 

Another misconception is that you should not season your steak before cooking it. You might have reservations about this, but salting the steak will add flavor to your steak and not ruin it. The salt will also tenderize the steak making it more appealing to your palate. People also tend to believe that all steaks are equal. They are not, and a cheap steak will leave you feeling like you wasted your money. That is why Cüneyt Cakir ensures the meat is top-notch quality and prepared with the love it deserves. Finally, sticking a fork in your steak is frowned upon because we fear it will lose all its juices. The steak might lose some juices, but it will retain a significant percentage, so let go of the lie. 

Cüneyt Cakir based Chaplin’s Steakhouse and Restaurant on the comedian Charlie Chaplin. And indeed, they combine a quality steak with humor. The restaurant was established on 1st March 2013 by Cüneyt Cakir, and it has been using a family recipe to deliver a mouth-watering steak. The steaks are served on a huge platter and come with garnishes and shrimp as a surf n tuff.

Cüneyt Cakir’s Chaplin’s Steakhouse and Restaurant is renowned in the Rhine-Main area. It has received accolades to reiterate the quality of the steaks and service over the years. The restaurant is considered among the top 5 in Germany; therefore, you can bank on them to break common misconceptions about steaks. 

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