Entrepreneur Randy Garn Discusses the Art of Juggling Many Roles Seamlessly

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Meet award-winning entrepreneur, New York Times Best Selling author, and Forbes Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur, Randy Garn. The man who is revolutionizing the art of corporate multi-tasking.

Randy is currently a Managing Partner at High Performance Institute, high profile Partner at Tamarak, serial entrepreneur, full-time investor whose market savvy and industry knowledge have helped companies boom, and a family man (he has four girls, two boys, and a lovely wife). Additionally, he continues to work with top CEOs, experts, and business leaders in diverse sectors. Given the overwhelming expanse of his professional and personal life, it’s only right to wonder: “how does he do it?”

According to Randy, juggling work and family is an art. Here are some insights Randy gives about juggling a myriad of professional and personal roles seamlessly:

  • Know what recharges you

With each role you take on, comes a different responsibility and level of effort you need to exert. It is incredibly wise to figure out what recharges you. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs, and even employed people, make lists of tasks they need to complete, but forget to pen in some ‘me’ time. It’s easy to lose yourself in the multitude of things you need to take care, so knowing what recharges you is crucial to identify and do.

  • Every role is important, no matter how small

You need to be present for everything you take on, no matter how big or small that thing is. Do not assign less time or less effort to a certain task because it’s not as important as another. Each task deserves your uninterrupted attention while you complete it.

  • Articulate what you want out of each role

It is easy to be swept up in the roles you’re carrying out. Juggling family, business, investments, writing, and teaching can become a whirlwind of activity. So, with each of the activities you take on, have clear defined goals. This while ensure that your mind stays focused, your actions are clear, and your effort has purpose. If you don’t articulate your goals, it is very easy to fail, give up, or have other people use you to achieve theirs.

Overall, juggling many roles seamlessly requires commitment and consistency, motivation, a lot of energy and clear goals. Listen in to more of Randy Garn’s wisdom and secrets to help you overcome and succeed.


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