Entrepreneur Edmund Coutan Is Helping Americans Save Money & Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

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At a time when the topic of climate change is dominating both our casual conversations and our serious discussions, people are slowly waking up to the changing realities and are trying to do their part to save the planet. And helping such climate-change-conscious people actively do their part is Edmund Coutan – eco-conscious entrepreneur, climate-change warrior, and millennial millionaire.

Even at a very young age, Edmund had the drive to make a big change in the world. And he had the eye to see the power of entrepreneurship to enable change. Today, he helps countless Americans reduce their carbon footprint by helping them transition to solar energy. “Power plant emissions are a major cause of climate change,” says Edmund, according to whom switching off the lights while leaving the room is just not good enough anymore.

With technological advances making it possible to harness energy from alternate sources, green entrepreneurs are putting together strategies that make the transition to solar easier and more affordable for people. “One of the biggest advantages of switching to solar energy is the big savings in monthly electricity bills in the long run,” says Edmund. Not only is solar energy good for the planet, but it is also a great money-saving opportunity.

Edmund’s focus on home improvement has helped him acquire an in-depth understanding of renewable energy and smart technologies. This has made him a trusted name in the industry. Among clients, Edmund is sought-after for his insightful guidance that his customers much appreciate. “We had many questions about making the shift to solar. Though we knew of its benefits, both financial and ecological, we did not have much information about its implementation. We feel lucky to have met Edmund. He made the transition smooth and customized the entire package to suit the specific needs of our home,” said a satisfied customer.

Edmund believes, “Most people who show reluctance to shift to solar are not environmentally unconscious, they’re just overwhelmed by the technical jargon.” And this is exactly where his people-skills, friendly demeanor, and confidence shine. He has the patience to explain the benefits of solar energy in great detail. As a solar energy advocate, he believes that by helping his customers, he is helping the planet. “This is what gives me the satisfaction and the motivation to go out and play my role as a conscious human being,” he says.

Edmund’s ability to merge his passion for the betterment of the planet with his entrepreneurial skills has made him a well-balanced climate change activist. Not only is he aware of the need for the implementation of renewable energy, but he is also playing an active role in fulfilling this need. His dedication and passion are truly an inspiration to all of us.

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