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EnGame Publishing House hosts Nation’s Icon Awards 2022

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The power of people and their contribution to society has frequently gone above and beyond to make India a better place to live in. Many of them are Authors, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Founders, Artists, Fashion Designers, Dancers, Models, Coaches who have chosen a challenging public life with dignity and whose contribution to society knows no bounds. EnGame Publishing house aims to provide valuable individuals with utmost dignity with an achievement award, at acknowledging the best whose never say noattitude has served as an undying inspiration and motivation for the society at large. 

There are certain individuals who have exceeded the normal bounds of their role to the great benefit of society in this pandemic. Thus EnGame Publishing House, the Worlds Youngest Publishing House in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and entrepreneur hunt, is organising the Nations Icon Award 2022. This award will be given to an individual who is exceptional, unusual, and distinctive. This award will be presented to all categories of people without discrimination. Therefore, EnGame is establishing it in cooperation with Entrepreneur stories and Entrepreneur hunt, two sites that cater specifically to entrepreneurs and have a huge fan base.

It is stated that opportunity knocks on everyones door once in a lifetime, and EnGame, the worlds youngest publishing house, is bringing such an opportunity to all Indian residents who have contributed to the countrys advancement professionally or economically. Hundreds of millions of people in India have been affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic-related crisis, which has resulted in widespread spontaneous initiatives by various categories of people who have remained involved in the process of identifying the problems of various sections of society and addressing them with a different approach to development. The need of the hour was to assist individuals in discovering their potential and guiding them in finding methods to put that potential to good use. EnGame Publishing House is Hosting Nations Icon Awards, which is no less than an endeavour to bring out realistic role models who had served as an inspiration and encouragement for society.

In the words of the founder of EnGame Publishing House, Every person in the country needs to be inspired and motivated by genuine role models in order for the seemingly impossible to become feasible. As a result, its our tiny attempt to help the Nations Icon Awards acknowledge and value the unlimited potential of the community-led models theyve developed, so they can understand their own worth for who they are and what theyve accomplished.”

Indeed, it is essential to consider and highlight the efforts of leaders and individuals, regardless of the category of Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Founder, Artist, Fashion Designer, Dancer, Model, Coach, etc., in order to cultivate and promote the importance of contributing back to society in a responsible and accountable manner. It goes without saying that EnGame Publishing house has created a one-of-a-kind platform where key behaviours will be honoured and exposed so that others can learn from them, be inspired by them, and be motivated to give better and more accountable.


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