Emirati Business Magnate Obaid Belresheed on How He Successfully Juggles His Many Businesses

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Time and tide wait for none. Both the king and the slave get the same 24 hours in a day to do what they should do. How we manage our time decides the quality of our mental and physical well-being. If we mismanage our time, we will be stressed. If we manage it well, we will have a calm mind to give our best in whatever we do. To say this is easy. Living it daily is a tough thing, especially if you’re the owner of multiple businesses like business magnate Obaid Balresheed. 

Balresheed’s business interests spread across a range of industries, from automobile to InfoTech. How does he manage to stay hands-on with each of his businesses? Here he reveals three simple rules that he follows to manage his time like a pro.

1. Regular exercise

Most people think exercise is for those who have a lot of time on their hands. Belresheed refutes this notion. “People who don’t exercise every day are destroying themselves. It is like suicide,” he says. For him, his exercise hour helps him collect his thoughts and brings him clarity. It also reminds him of discipline and determination. He believes that anyone who wishes to succeed in their life needs to spend time exercising every day.

2. Don’t bite more than you can chew

Start small is Belresheeds’s winning mantra. He doesn’t believe in biting more than he can chew. “Have realistic expectations,” he says, “and do not ever commit to clients and business associates without thinking things over.” Making a commitment and not honoring it has a very negative impact on one’s reputation. Be it meeting deadlines or attending a meeting on time, Belresheed is very clear on what is possible and what isn’t.

3. Learn to delegate

To be a leader is to know the strength and weaknesses of every member of your team. A good leader capitalizes on the power of the team. “I am constantly looking for the right person for the right job,” he says. His keen eye to spot people’s ability has built him a strong team of efficient staff who can work with a single-minded focus set by the companies’ objectives.

These three simple rules have helped Obaid Belresheed stay focused even through his hyper-busy days. So if you are getting choked for time, apply the business tycoon’s three simple time-management rules and see how things turn around.


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