Ellie Shefi: Strategic Leadership for Better Business

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Ellie Shefi, a #1 international best-selling author, keynote speaker, strategist, consultant, corporate trainer, and go-to advisor for governments, universities, NGOs, corporations, and entrepreneurs, has more than three decades of experience spanning law, business, education, and human, civil, and constitutional rights advocacy. She is an accomplished and trusted leader who has committed her life to creating impact through the empowerment of others. 

She proudly declares that her vision and mission is to change the world and help others to do the same by empowering better leaders for better business. According to Ellie, the modern workforce needs modern leadership. She recognizes that business is changing, but with that is a tremendous opportunity—and responsibility—to build better company cultures and more diverse and inclusive environments. Guided by her vision to change the world, she’s using her voice and her expertise to empower other leaders with the best training and tools to get it right.

To this end, she employs her signature “strategy first” approach to help organizations optimize their operations and individuals amplify their impact. Let’s learn more about Ellie, her hallmark process, and how she facilitates client success.

What Is the “Strategy First” Approach?

In a nutshell, “strategy first” means that, rather than haphazardly deploying the customary piecemeal fixes, Ellie first helps her clients get clear on their desired outcomes, taking into account their visions, goals, objectives, values, priorities, and non-negotiables. And then, she works with them to reverse engineer an effective pathway to achieve those outcomes. This allows Ellie to ensure that the custom strategies she creates align with her clients’ needs and generate their desired results, within their desired budget, on their desired timeline, and in a way that supports their values, vision, and mission. 

Through “Strategy First” Business Consulting, Humanity Meets High Performance

Ellie is not your average business consultant employing run-of-the-mill business strategies. She believes in the power of people, asserting that employees are not just assets, but the very lifeblood of an organization. She advocates for a modern leadership style that acknowledges the diverse, evolving expectations of today’s workforce. Through her consulting company, MTC Consulting, Ellie helps corporate HR departments and C-suite executives, as well as governments and NGOs, optimize their operations, mitigate their risk, modernize their organizational culture, and strengthen their bottom line by truly developing their people and building world-class teams. 

Her diverse experience, spanning various roles from on-the-ground positions to executive leadership and ownership, provides her with unique insight into the different facets of an organization. She leverages this knowledge to help organizations develop and foster an inclusive company culture where every individual feels valued, recognized, and, most importantly, integral to the organization’s success.

If organizations didn’t already understand the importance of building their cultures to embody the values of the rising workforce—to be seen, heard, and have meaningful participation; to have a clear and attainable ascension path; and, most of all, to work with an organization that aligns with their visions and values, encompassing elements of philanthropy, diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, social responsibility, and whole life wellness—Ellie incorporates this critical component into her strategies.  

Keeping her clients’ desired outcomes in the forefront, she offers assessments, audits, and customized plans, plus full implementation assistance that includes workshops and training for HR personnel and executives, as well as ongoing quarterly assessments and refinements. Meticulously reverse engineering a strategic pathway to success allows Ellie to guide organizations to build an inclusive, aligned, and efficient company with optimized operations.

When she’s finished, all oars are rowing in the same direction. Her “strategy first” formula means better business. It’s the intersection of humanity and high performance. It’s a holistic approach that only a person with significant advocacy, business, education, and legal backgrounds—like Ellie—can offer.


Amplifying Individual Impact Through Customized Strategies

For individuals, Ellie’s “strategy first” approach makes all the difference to their success. Whether they’re launching a business, building their brand, writing a book, or simply becoming the architect of their life, Ellie always has her clients start with the end in mind. She first has them get clear on their objective by helping them ensure their vision and purpose align with their passion and mission. Then, she creates an easy-to-implement customized path to reach it, with measurable milestones that allow for audits, assessments, and adjustments. To not have a clear objective or a path to reach the desired outcome—to just jump in and act without any navigation—is a cardinal mistake that Ellie’s clients don’t make with her as a guide.

As an optimization expert and strategist, she offers customized action plans with practical, easy-to-implement solutions and accountability. With her results-oriented resources, Ellie’s clients get from where they are to where they want to be—faster and with clarity and ease. For those looking to leverage and scale their expertise, she offers Monetize Your Expertise, her proprietary system for building an aligned business, increasing impact and income, and becoming a globally-recognized brand. In her Best-Selling Book Bootcamp, she works directly with authors to write, publish, and monetize their best-selling book. For those wishing to become a top-notch speaker and further amplify their message, she offers Monetize Your Message, a program where she helps speakers craft their signature talks, confidently connect with and captivate their audiences, and get booked on media. And in Master the Media, Ellie guides individuals through a step-by-step strategy to get great results from interviews and media appearances so they can establish themselves as the go-to expert in their field. Through her programs, she equips her clients, including six-, seven-, and eight-figure entrepreneurs, with the tools they need to strategically build aligned businesses and become global brands.

Ellie also helms a full-service independent publishing house, Made to Change the World™ Publishing. Here, she enables mission-driven individuals to strategically write and publish best-selling books that increase their visibility and credibility, attract and convert their right-fit clients, and build their brand. Made to Change the World™ Publishing brings individual voices and stories to the fore and emphasizes their value in influencing positive change.

The Future of Better Business

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Ellie’s results-driven “strategy first” approach and people-centric values stand out as an inspirational beacon. For Ellie, “strategy first” always leads to a lasting impact.

If you’re looking for strategic expertise, consulting advice, comprehensive training, or an engaging keynote speaker, Ellie Shefi promises a transformative experience. Connect with Ellie and discover more about her impactful work at


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