Edtech Startup Bodhi AI is helping teachers grow their student base.

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What else could be the next big revolution in the ed-tech industry is something that an ed-tech startup has already envisioned and started working on. In an era where visiting offline coaching centres for learning is considered a traditional approach, ed-tech players like Byjus and Unacademy have been instrumental in this shift from offline to online. They have successfully been garnering students’ interest in online learning through their advanced teaching methodology and cost-efficient techniques.

With the advancement of technology, there also arose a need for Personalisation. There is enough content (notes and videos) available online, but still, the student is confused, and it’s because they are not well guided. The need for a 1 to 1 connection between a student and a teacher is something that this Jaipur based Edtech startup Bodhi AI believes will be the future of education. Bodhi AI Founder Prashant, an Engineer from the University of Birmingham, says, “As a kid whenever I studied and got stuck, I always wished an Aladdin magic lamp would appear and solve all my doubts, but that wish never came true, but now as an adult, we are fulfilling that wish for other students”. A personal assistant will be available 24/7 and will take away the cognitive load of planning from students.

Talking about teachers, especially the medium and small-sized ones, they find it hard to maintain their presence among students because the students they once used to teach offline are migrating to online platforms. This is disastrous because this used to be their sole bread and butter. Bodhi AI Co-founder Piyush tells “After having face to face discussions and call interactions with a considerable number of teachers, we decided to do something for these small and medium-sized teachers and literally save their existence”. Bodhi AI helps teachers bring their coaching platform online with their own brand name. A white-labelled platform where teachers can add students, conduct live classes, upload notes and videos, take tests, manage attendance, fees, and sell their courses to students.

Also, after exploring more on the teacher’s side, Bodhi AI realised that getting more students to teach online is one of the biggest hurdles that every teacher and coaching institute has to go through. These teachers and coaching institutes currently pay hefty amounts to the student database companies for getting inefficient student leads. This process fails because the leads provided by these database companies is not of relevance. Bodhi AI version 2.0 connects teachers to students, matching both course and location. The demand for a white-labelled platform has advanced to how exactly a coaching institute or a teacher can grow their student base online. Bodhi AI launched a separate doubt solving platform for students to post their doubts and connect one on one with a teacher over a video call. This way, the teachers could engage the student by solving their doubts, inviting them to their platform and further upselling their courses. The sky is the only limit for teachers to solve as many doubts as possible and get new students. 

On average, a teacher gets around 10 to 15 doubts every day, and this feature is currently in the rollout for IIT JEE, NEET, SSC and Railway teachers only. But due to the high demand for students from teachers teaching skill development courses like yoga, dance, chess, fashion, language speaking courses, etc., team Bodhi AI is gradually planning a strategy around it too. So suppose a teacher joins the Bodhi AI platform with 20 to 25 students, in just a span of 2 to 3 months, they can expect at least 200 to 250 students on their platform. Founders Prashant Pandey and Piyush Agarwal started Bodhi AI with a vision to make a contribution to the ed-tech sector. To date, Bodhi AI has onboarded over 2500+ paid Coaching Institutions in India and have started building their international presence with clients from other Asian, Middle East and African Countries. With already 1 lakh teachers teaching over a million students on their platform, Bodhi AI is on a mission to target over a million teachers from the global market size of 10 million teachers. To know more about Bodhi AI, visit:


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